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    Default Re: The Age of the Warriors - a ToB expansion book idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Sereg View Post
    Also, now I really want to see that Hoppoing toad discipline.
    Hopping Toad
    It's just a flesh wound.

    Any warrior risks injury. A great warrior keeps fighting. Even on one leg.

    Skill: Jump
    Weapons: Staff, Cane (cudgel), Crutch (see below)

    Staunch the Bleeding -- Counter (su), when an attack inflicts ongoing damage, negate the ongoing part.
    Stance of Helplessness -- You play up your injury to look harmless. To recognize you as a threat, a creature must make a DC 15 sense motive check. Creatures who fail this check are flat-footed against you. For each attack you have made in the last 5 minutes, decrease the DC by 5.
    Chicks Dig Scars -- Boost, gain a +1 bonus to diplomacy and +2 to intimidate for every 10 hit points you are below your maximum.
    Shove Off -- Strike. Make an attack normally. If your attack exceed the target's AC by 5 or more, move 5 feet without AOOs.
    Bleed all over Him -- Boost or Counter, can only be used if you took at least 10 points of piercing or slashing damage recently. Gain a +10 circumstance bonus to rolls to avoid (counter) or escape (boost) grapple by using your own blood as a lubricant.
    Five Foot Hop -- Like a five foot step, but a swift action. Requires a DC 5 jump check (no penalty for standing start).
    Stance of the Crane -- Move full speed despite injuries to one leg.
    Evasive Hop -- Counter. Use DC 20 jump check (no standing penalty) to avoid a trip, bull rush, or similar attack.
    Dual-Crutch Strike -- If you are wielding two matching bludgeoning weapons, you may attack with both at once as a standard action with no penalty. If both hit, do an additional 4d6 of damage and stun the target for one round (unless he makes a fort save against the total damage dealt by the maneuver)
    Hop on Head -- Strike. Make a high-jump check (no standing start penalty). If your jump does not exceed you target's height, the maneuver is wasted. If it does, attack with a +10 bonus and deal 4d6 extra damage for every foot of extra height on the jump.

    Exotic one-handed weapon, does 1d10 bludgeoning (20x2). Counts as light for purposes of two-handed fighting (but no other purposes).

    P.S. Except for the hamstring feat, I couldn't find rules for having one leg cut off. Did I miss them?
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