Night 6 Ends

Some times some points
Go slippin' through the cracks
But these lone gumshoe
Is pickin' up the slack

There's no case too big, no case too small
When you need help just call

Rescue Ranger
When there's danger

Oh no, it never fails
He'll take the clues
And find the where's and whys and who's


Hey Rakkoon, we got quite the case on our hands today.

Indeed. Apparently there's been some mystery involving missing people throughout the land.

Right-o mate. It seems that the missing people were all seen last around one location, this Warehouse located at Sub-Forum and Games street.

Let's go check it out.

So the two adventurers head down to the warehouse.

Oh no Monty, this isn't a warehouse, it's a werehouse!

*sniff-sniff* You smell that?

Monty wait, it might be a trap.


No Monty!

But it's too late. Monty heads right into the cage, draggin Rakkoon right in behind him. After the latch is sprung, a familiar figure appears.

Well what do we have here? Oh look, a couple of small animals playing detective. This gives me an idea - Take them over to casting. I think we'll make a show out of them. Let's use Chip and his brother Dale to cast them with. Much better then having them destroy your x-mas tree each year

Donald reaches down and picks up the cage. He gives a maniacal laugh as he takes away the prisoneers.

Rakkoon was sent to Disneyworld by Mickey Mouse. Rakkoon was a Neutral Tourist.

Day 7 Begins