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    Quote Originally Posted by Milskidasith View Post
    I'm confused; how does the cantrip fueling mechanic work? Anyway, it's very weak, because it has a limited spell list (apparently) that is going to be limited further by what cantrips you know, and it's only class features are *appearing* to be more powerful and getting something that's almost like detect magic... at level 7. That's just pointless.
    They cast the Cantrip, then when they want to cast the spell, the Cantrip effect is consumed instead of a Material Component. The reason being that they aren't used to using their higher level spells. So, all their higher level spells are extensions of their Cantrips. So that he can use spells regularly, Cantrips will all be move or less actions to cast.

    The appearing more powerful thing is mostly fluff, since they have as much power as a normal sorcerer, just not quite the refinement.

    And I realize it's a little weak, but it's supposed to be an average guy who never really did anything with his magical abilities. Should I lower the levels on Improved and Advanced Magic Sense?

    I also toyed with giving them a Moderate Base attack bonus or a d8 hit die instead. And the spell list is yet to come, maybe I can balance it by giving them some unique but powerful spells for sticking the class out until higher levels.
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