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I don't see how their innate magical ability can be the same but they don't get ninths. It feels a lot like saying "I'm as strong as Magnus Von Magnusson, but I can't lift a quarter of the weight he does."
Fluff, fluff, and delicious fluff. No 9th level spell has domestic uses, aside from Wish. Meteor Swarm has absolutely no use in a non-adventuring environment, which is where the Domestic Sorcerer stays. Nor do I usually want to use Wail of the Banshee to do the dishes, or after a night out drinking with my chums.

Personally, I might be inclined to give them the ability to cast lower level spells at will, to demonstrate that their energy is going somewhere: maybe 1st level spells at will at 4th level, 2nd at 8th, 3rd at 12, 4th at 16th, and 5th at 20th?