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That does seem to be your baseline for every piece of homebrew you've ever given harsh, unhelpful, and repititive criticism towards.
Harsh? Yes. Repetitive? Yes. Unhelpful? No. Not that the class seems to be designed for adventuring (being domestic, and all... it could be a fine NPC class, though I didn't see it labelled as such), but if it is meant to be for adventuring, it's definitely too weak to be useful. What do you want me to do, not criticize the class just because it has the same flaws as other classes: not getting high level spells/getting them late with no equivalent benefits?

Fluff, fluff, and delicious fluff. No 9th level spell has domestic uses, aside from Wish. Meteor Swarm has absolutely no use in a non-adventuring environment, which is where the Domestic Sorcerer stays. Nor do I usually want to use Wail of the Banshee to do the dishes, or after a night out drinking with my chums.
This has got to be a version of the Stormwind fallacy, or some other named fallacy, by claiming that fluff can make up for broken (in this case, underpowered) mechanics. Also, a list of all the 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells with utility uses from the SRD only:

Every 7th level conjuration. Teleport Object, Phase Door, Magnificent Mansion, Plane Shift (for getting rare materials from other planes), summon monster (manual labor), etc.

All 7th level divinations, as well.

Forcecage: Pricey, but great for exotic pets.

Project Image


Greater Shadow Conjuration

Control Weather

Ethereal Jaunt

Statue (become a tasteful decoration)

Reverse Gravity (For cleaning ceilings)

Limited Wish

Dimensional Lock

Mind Blank (a butler should never let his thoughts get in the way of the job.)

Planar Binding, Greater.

Summon Monster VIII

All divinations of 8th level



Otto's Irresistible Dance: PARTY!



All 8th level Transmutations


All 9th level conjurations






That's a lot of non combat utility that this class does not get.