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It's not a personal attack, I'm merely stating the same fact that Lappy9000 stated.

Every time somebody comes up with an idea, you punch them straight through the teeth, saying how high level spells are a necessity and anything without them is severely underpowered.
Incorrect. I balance things based on what they're intended to be. Sure, if it's a magic class with no features but magic, or a full casting PrC with no benefits besides casting, losing 9th is the obvious issue, one which people seem to ignore with frequency. But I don't ever bring up spellcasting when I judge melee classes, and for gish builds I'm more likely to let it slide. It's also even *more* pointless than pointing out the obvious to go around trolling my posts and implying I'm intentionally being a jerk for no reason.

To get back to the "what they are intended to be" thing: If somebody says "I intend this to be T3" I judge it based on how close to T3 it is, not how close to spellcasters it is. When you're dealing with classes that have no design intent stated, I have to make guesses. In my case, I guess that full casting PrCs and full casting base classes are balanced around sorcerer/wizard level (T2), Gishes are balanced around T3, ToB stuff is balanced around T3, and most martial classes are balanced around being T4/T3, about equal to a barbarian, or a bit better, because melee can have goodies.

While I understand the reason (some people are not familiar with high level play since they never even played up to that level) and while I also do see the benefits of other people explaining it to them, I hate it when you're one vowel short of calling them stupid just because they did not know it. Of course, it's not just you who does that. Unfortunately.
I don't call them stupid, or even imply it. I tell them what is good for balance, and that is all. If they do not listen to me, I explain my position further. I make no personal attacks. I wish I could say the same for you.

Actually, the vast majority of people don't know it, exactly because they don't play at that level. And more than likely they won't ever bother to.
It's a homebrew forum. If you post a class, and especially if you post a class with a PEACH tag after it, you have to expect criticism. If you want me to blindly praise everything with useless posts like "this is cool" and "I'll use this in my campaign" then I'm sorry, I can't oblige you. I work to make things more balanced.