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Incorrect. I balance things based on what they're intended to be. Sure, if it's a magic class with no features but magic, or a full casting PrC with no benefits besides casting, losing 9th is the obvious issue, one which people seem to ignore with frequency. But I don't ever bring up spellcasting when I judge melee classes, and for gish builds I'm more likely to let it slide. It's also even *more* pointless than pointing out the obvious to go around trolling my posts and implying I'm intentionally being a jerk for no reason.
I don't know you personally, so there is nothing personal here involved. This does not alleviate the fact you are going around saying the exact same thing.

I don't call them stupid, or even imply it. I tell them what is good for balance, and that is all. If they do not listen to me, I explain my position further. I make no personal attacks. I wish I could say the same for you.

It's a homebrew forum. If you post a class, and especially if you post a class with a PEACH tag after it, you have to expect criticism. If you want me to blindly praise everything with useless posts like "this is cool" and "I'll use this in my campaign" then I'm sorry, I can't oblige you. I work to make things more balanced.
There's a world of difference between complimenting without meaning to and being downright rude for no reason at all. And you quite often are, especially due to some misplaced sense of loyalty to "mechanical balance". While I understand where you're coming from, some people don't really care about it, especially compared to fluff, so don't flog them because they like to play the game differently.

But enough is enough. I will stop derailing this thread right here. If you wish to discuss this further, feel free to PM.