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Thread: Domestic Sorcerer [3.5 Base Class]

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    I am seriously considering deleting this post, but while I am thinking about it I am just going to spoilerize.
    Quote Originally Posted by Milskidasith View Post
    going to assume that it's not out of place to comment on the balance of them. Sure, some people don't care about mechanics, but if they didn't, they wouldn't be making classes with mechanical abilities,
    Wanting mechanics is not the same thing as wanting mechanics balanced to any given power level.
    Quote Originally Posted by Milskidasith View Post
    and if they did make classes while not caring about the balance, people using them might.
    A point, and so long as you don't necessarily expect the original poster to change anything based on your comments (and maybe make that plain in your analysis) then that would COMPLETELY cover it.

    Of course, most people probably WOULD head towards balance given the option.
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