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    Update 29

    [Tia Eiranikos]

    Was given an amulet that corrupted her into an Inamorata Demoness--a succubus who is equal parts love and lust. She is in Kundalin Keep now, falling in love with the male slaves. Probably won't come out from behind the curtain until forced to.

    [Happy Amakirr]

    Her corpse was returned to GLoG in two pieces, but then the mad goddess Zubera stole her face, gaining access to her memories and her form, and absorbing her soul. No one has yet noticed that Happy's body is still in the infirmary and is missing its face.


    Was rescued by Memzee and Tyril and returned to human form, though the transformation left her nearly dead from emaciation. Retains a few rat like abilities, but is no longer corrupted.


    Foiled a pickpocket and robbed him in return, only to have him get angry, swear revenge, and lie in wait for her with a stun pistol. Was rescued from Jimmy's clutches by an agent of Helios, the 'god' of knowledge and lies.

    [Everyone Else]

    Deadtimed somewhere.
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