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    Name: N13 (?)
    Rank: NA
    Classification: ?
    Age: ?
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: ~120
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: ?

    Appearance: Dressed in a plain white ninja uniform, she has straight black hair cut to neck length. One eye is black while the other is a milky white, though she can see equally well from each of them. Her most defining feature is a tattoo of "N13" underneath her right eye, from which she derives her name. There are, however, a pair of long scars on her back, running along her shoulder blades, though they have long since healed. Her skin is unusually pale as well.

    404 Personality not found. She is quiet and unassuming and almost doglike in her need to obey commands given to her by just about anybody. She does seem to understand the chain of command, though, and will respect an order given by a superior over one given by anybody else, include commands such as "Do not do anything anyone else says unless I tell you to." She is very naive about the world, easily tricked in matters pertaining to the mundane and human interactions. She seems incapable of detecting when somebody lies to her, that, or assumes all things spoken are lies and thus reacts the same way regardless. It is hard to tell, honestly.

    Bloodline: Unknown

    Notable Jutsu: She might develop some later, but for now she would rely on standard ninjutsu, which she seems well trained in already. The only truly notable aspect about her is her ability to move with absolute silence, often getting into places thought impenetrable. If she had the motivation, it could make her a very skilled assassin. Or a thief. Or somebody to jump around corners and shout "boo!" and startle people.

    Chakra Control:
    Her ability to control chakra is beyond human. Which is good, because by all appearances, she has abysmally low chakra levels and needs to manage every last bit for all it's worth.

    Tactical and Weapons Abilities: She seems to prefer bare handed combat, though she is adept at improvising with whatever happens to be handy.

    Toxic Blood: Her blood has been engineered to act as a powerful neuro-toxin. Skin contact with it results in a rapid numbing in the area around the contact. If her blood enters somebody else's blood stream, either through ingestion of directly (though a wound or the like) it acts quickly to paralyze them completely, only the vital systems (heart, lungs, ect...) being unaffected.

    Extremely Durable: N13 has been built to take a beating and still keep going. Wounds normally fatal are survivable for her, and she recovers quickly from injuries.
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