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Don't think crickets are native to the UK, too cool a climate for them perhaps?
Hrmmm, dunno, we have them all through america, even in our northernmost states where it can get pretty bitter. For all I know though crickets could have been imported from Japan along with kudzu to plague us all.

Edit: Eh, well, Thiel says you got cricket runts, so I guess thats that ;)

So they're vulnerable to nonliving wood, eh? Would that include, say... animate wood golems?
Was going to say yes, but then remembered that golems and the like are infused with positive energy, hence their ability to survive in anti-magic fields. So wood animated with life energy would be living wouldn't it? So by this thinking I'd say that wood golems wouldn't bother it. Now using telekinesis to 'animate' some wooden object would still work.