Time for a complete character overhaul.
That, and the last one was on the ACRO-characters list.


Race: Demon.
Gender: Female.
Age: Eh, who knows. Not me. Which is scary.
Class: Yes, she does have class. She is a princess after all.
Alignment: Good. Ish. Good enough.
Appearance: Much like Old-ri, she has red hair, (Except for a purple patch just above her left eye, which she's let grow long enough to flip behind her ear.), purple eyes, slightly elongated canine teeth, and angel wings.
Until she gets mad.
But no one has gotten her that mad yet. So no spoilers for any of you yet.

Abilities: Mostly ice powers so far. She may have more, though.

Everything else: When sitting at the bar in the DFI, she looks angelic. Although she's radiating quite a lot of demon energy. Not dark, or evil, demonic. There is a difference.
She also seems to enjoy tea.

Power level: . . . A-class? Possibly a low S-class? >.>
Dunno what that would be in the FFRP PLs though . . .

Equipment: Not much. Doesn't have a weapon, and is in a fairly plain dress. Granted, it's fairly tight and low cut, but it's fairly plain.

Personality: She seems quite happy most of the time. Smiling, sipping tea, and being friendly.
Just please, don't make her mad at you.

((Sorry if these seem to have no real order.
That would be because, they don't have a real order.
I was typing them up as I remembered them.))

Final notes: She is not a D&D based demon. Please keep that in mind.
For anyone who would know what this means, she's a YYH based demon.
For those that do know what that mean, I salute your awesomeness.