Ichzzu Tea

Meaning "Respectful Greeting" in the Rrit tongue, it is also known amongst other races as Cricketman's Black, Belly Reaper, and Death's Handshake. Brewed from the toxic foliage of certain ceremonial plants, it is part of the standard greeting ritual of the cricketman from their earliest years. Every morning when master and student meet they share a cup, honoring one another and the rising sun. It is, indeed, a punishment for a master to share none with his student, for it is meaning the master has been dishonored and will speak to him not until he has made ammends. Likewise, visiters to a cricketman's garden must have tea before he will intreat with them. Visiters who are unable to tolerate it are quickly given an anti-toxin that negates any ill affects.

The standard daily tea of the cricketman deals 2d6 initial Constitution damage plus nausea for 1 round per point of damage and 1d6 secondary damage. Ingested DC 18.

Visiters are generally given only an extremely weakened version that deals 1 point of initial constitution damage, and 1d4 secondary damage plus nausea for 1 round per point of damage. Ingested DC 14.