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    Default Re: The Age of the Warriors - a ToB expansion book idea

    OK, we've got basic description. Here's a (kinda) pretty summary:

    {table=head]Name|Author|Concept|Schools as Written|Schools Suggested
    Adept Hunter|Draco Dei|Follow on to PairO'Dice 's Master of One for Broken Blade, pwns other adepts|Broken Blade, very limited access to all others|No change
    * Vindicators|DSpeyer|divine (Ruby Knight Vindicator variants|Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, White Raven and one other|none (Except as new gods are added)
    Aberrant Armorlord|Krimm|melds with parasite |Diamond Mind, Far Realm, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw|
    Al-shra'a Al-mharb|Krimm|desert nomad warrior|Desert Wind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|
    Angel of Death|Krimm|assassin|Diamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand|
    Another Master of One|PairO'Dice|Focuses on specific discipline|Single discipline chosen|None.
    Artmage|DSpeyer|arcane dual progression, turn spells into maneuvers|Desert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Shadow Hand|Solaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence, Frozen Zephyr / Acidic Fog / Shocking Sky, Coin's Edge, Masked Moon, Witch Razor
    Blade Incarnate|Krimm|incarnum warrior|Devoted Spirit, Iron Heart. Additional based on alignment. Good - Golden Saint, White Raven. Evil - Dread Crown, Shadow Hand. Law - Diamond Mind, Quicksilver Aegis. Chaos- Kaleidoscopic Dream|Alternates based on alignment: Good- Scarlet Bravura. Evil- Narrow Bridge. Chaos- Far Realm
    Blade Maiden|Krimm|women who bolt swords to their armbones|Diamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Tiger Claw|
    Blade Operant|Demented One|Implanted skills, speed, critical hits|Dancing Leaf, Oncoming Storm, Tiger Claw|
    Bladelord (d20 Modern?)|Yue Ryong (WotC)|mystics in the modern world|Desert Wind, Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon & Tiger Claw|coin's edge, masked moon, black rain
    Blood Sage|Krimm|martial magic user focusing on blood magic|Diamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|
    Braveheart Bravo|Demented One|halflings fighting larger foes through mobility and bravado|Dancing Leaf, Iron Heart|Oncoming Storm, Leaping Gale
    Combat Artisan|Krimm|Artificer/Initiator Hybrid|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon|
    Concealed Celestial|Krimm|Anathema to the Unmasked Fiend. Outsider with the good subtype only|Devoted Spirit, Golden Saint, Stone Dragon, White Raven|Falling Anvil, Scarlet Bravura
    Crimson Banner Executor|Edge|astrology and quick combat prophecies|Army of One, Coin's Edge, Dancing Leaf Diamond Mind, Iron Heart|
    Crusader of Death|Krimm|blackguard variant|Devoted Spirit, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand|Dread Crown, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation
    Demonspawn Harbinger|Krimm|Warlock/Devoted Spirit using class Hybrid|Devoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Shadow Hand or Tiger Claw|Infinite Torment, Narrow Bridge?, Witch Razor
    Doom Lord|Krimm|Unholy general|Devoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Shadow Hand, White Raven|Narrow Bridge
    Draconic Partisan|Krimm|humanoid devoted to dragons|Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, associated energy school|monkey's paw (?)
    Dreadcloak|Edge|assassin that uses fear|Army of One, Narrow Bridge, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand|
    Dreaming Lotus Assassin|Demented One|very secretive assasins|Diamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Shadow Hand|Viper Fang, Black Lotus
    Eaglewing Striker|Krimm|eagle-rider|Iron Heart, Falling Star, Iron Heart, Tiger Claw, Twin Spirit|Silver Pegasus and True Arrow (if those don't get remixed), gentle breeze, Black Rain
    Ebon Phoenix Mage|Krimm|Evil counterpart to Jade Phoenix Mage, hybrid|Desert Wind, Dread Crown, Shadow Hand|
    Ebon Raven General|Demented One|leader of sneaks|Shadow Hand, White Raven |Scarlet Bravura
    Ecclesiastic Knight|Errantx|combines divine spellcasting and martial ability|Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, White Raven|
    Eldritch Blademaster|Krimm|warlock dual-progression|Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|Solaris Arcanum, untamed essence
    Enlightened Budoka|Demented One|combat is not about violence, or skill, or even art. It is nothing more than the flow of energy–physical, mental, and spiritual|Golden Saint, Setting Sun, Stone Dragon|
    Errant Blademaster|Demented One|latecomers to the sublime path who can ignore prerequisites|special list|none (it would be like adding beguiler spells)
    Guardian of the Frozen Grotto|Yue Ryong (WotC)|(Druid or Ranger)/Placid Lake Hybrid|Diamond Mind, Placid Lake, Tiger Claw|
    Harmonic Lance Adept|Krimm|uses sound|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, White Raven|Lost Lyrics, rending scream
    Hollowed Soul|Krimm|merge with your possessing fiend|Dread Crown, Stone Dragon, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation
    Holy Deathless One|Krimm|worshiper of Aeomon, brings peaceful death|Devoted Spirit, Settting Sun, White Raven|Narrow Bridge? Golden Saint
    Holy Knight|DragoonWraith|lg champion with warlock-like invocations|Devoted Spirit|Golden Saint
    Huixxa Vo Nyarlathotep|Krimm|shapechanging servant of Nyarlathotep|Far Realm, Kaleidoscopic Dream|Falling Anvil
    Incarnate Knight|vasharanpaladin|Meldshaping/(Devoted Spirit and/or Diamond Mind) Hybrid|Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind|"Basically going to hit all the ""Mentality, Alignment or Aligned Plane"" and ""Additional Power Source"" ones here, given the fluff, and initial disciplines. Silver Crane, Far Realm, Ninefold Damnation, Infinite Torment, Dread Crown, Golden Saint, Falling Anvil, Quicksilver Aegis, Black Heron, Kaleidoscopic Dream, Narrow Bridge, Mental Grip, Sleeping Goddess, Lost Lyrics, Solaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence, Witch Razor, Holy Word"
    Iron Slasher|Krimm|Dextrous and brutal|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Oncoming Storm|Viper Fang
    Ironsword Speaker|Krimm|truespeaking dual-progression|Diamond Mind, Holy Word, Iron Heart or White Raven|
    Kazarzeth|Errantx|warrior who channels internal demon into crystal blade|Black Heron, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand|Narrow Bridge, Dread Crown, Ninefold Damnation, Infinite Torment
    Leap Dragoon|Draco Dei|Disappear to other planes, return with overwhelming force|Army of One, Devoted Spirit, Mystic Cobra, Piercing Point.|
    Leviathan-Born|Demented One|darfellen -- very angry darfellen|Army of One, Ocean Tempest, Scarlet Bravura|Falling Wave, Ocean Soul, Rending Scream (are there rules about underwater sonic effects?)
    Madspawn Broodling|Demented One|symbiont using|Far Realm, Iron Heart, Tiger Claw|
    Masked Demon|Krimm|humanoid possessed by fiend|Dread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|Black Heron, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation
    Moonflame Adept -|Yue Ryong (WotC)|Spellfire/(Crescent Moon or Diamond Mind) Hybrid|Crescent Moon, Dancing Fox, Diamond Mind|
    Nightmare Reaver|Demented One|empowered martial soulknives with some mental powers|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart|Bladed Thoughts, maybe Sleeping Goddess
    Occult Adversary|Krimm|gain martial maneuvers from vestiges|Far Realm, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon|
    Oracle Knight|Demented One|psionic dual-progression, perception|Diamond Mind, White Raven|Mental Grip, Sleeping Goddess
    Pragmatist|DSpeyer|mundaneness, defense|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Setting Sun|Dancing Leaf, Steel Mountain, Oncoming Storm
    Prodigal Overlord|Krimm|leader|Army of One, Scarlet Bravura|
    Saurian Brute|Krimm|imitate and become dinosaurs, and divine dual-progression (for druids)|Tiger Claw or Stone Dragon|Masked Moon
    Savage Savant|Demented One|psionic and bestial|Diamond Mind, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw|Mental Grip, Masked Moon
    Shadow Knight|Duke Malagigi|uses darkness but for good|Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Shadow Hand|Falling Anvil(cf Darkwing Duck)
    Shadowstalker|DSpeyer|stealth|Shadow Hand|none
    Shrouded Ambusher|Krimm|arcane stealth|Oncoming Storm, Shadow Hand|Solaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence
    Silent Demon|Demented One|warrior with internal demons|Diamond Mind, Dread Crown, Golden Saint, Setting Sun|Black Heron, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation
    Soulfire Invoker|Krimm|pyromaniac bards who once revered the jade/ebon phoenix mages, but rebelled|Desert Wind, Shadow Hand or White Raven|Lost Lyrics, untamed essence
    Spellfire Banisher|Demented One|anti-caster warrior|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart|Untamed Essence
    Spirit Archer|Krimm (With help from Robert Frost?)|soulbow|Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Falling Star|Black Rain, Way of the Gear, True Arrow, Bladed Thoughts
    Spirit Craftsman|Krimm|artificier dual-progression|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand or Stone Dragon|untamed essence
    Spirit Lord: Champion|Krimm|Leaders who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great power|Devoted Spirit, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw White Raven|
    Spirit Lord: Skirmisher|Krimm|Scouts who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great power|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand|
    Spirit Lord: Spellmaster|Krimm|Mages who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great power|Desert Wind, Setting Sun White Raven|
    Student of Nine Claws|DSpeyer|For monsters, especially dragons|Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw|"none (DracoDei: asks ""Why?"") -- because the class features are tied to the specific schools"
    Sublime Form Master|DracoDei|Just Stances, no Maneuvers.|Any Nine|None. Already generic.
    Sublime Warrior|Demented One|independent discoverers of sublime way (has own recovery mechanic)|Any three|(Automatic)
    Sword of Levakross|Krimm|evil|Desert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand|Ninefold Damnation and Infinite Torment, maybe in some sort of enforced balance
    The Master of One|Errantx|Focuses on a single discipline|chosen discipline|(Automatic)
    Thousand-Arrow Archer|Demented One|archer|Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Falling Star|Black Rain, Way of the Gear, True Arrow
    True Master of Nine|DracoDei|Perfect balance between at least 9 disciplines.|All that you have at least one manuever or stance from before entering it.|None. Already automatically covered.
    Unmasked Fiend|Krimm|fiend pretending to be human and gaining bonuses to/for racial powers|Dread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw|ninefold damnation or infinite torment, according to creature type
    Unseelie Knight|Krimm|fey powers, divine spellcasting|Dancing Leaf, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw disciplines|Oncoming Storm, Glacial Chill
    Unveiled Dragon|Krimm|dragon pretending to be human and gaining bonuses to/for racial powers|Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, one more|
    Warforged Armorlord|Krimm|Warforged who improve their own bodies|Iron Heart, Stone Dragon|
    Warped Angel|Krimm|Fall from Sanity led to fall from Grace. Ferocity is all that remains.|Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw|
    Warpforged Adept|Edge|agile, warforged only, focusing on mobility & placement|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart|
    Whirlwind Heir|Demented One|wind-inspired|Diamond Mind, Iron Heart|gentle breeze, leaping gale
    Zealot of Salamander|Krimm|Sphoraxun (homebrew heat-loving lizardfolk) pyromaniac cleric|Devoted Spirit, Desert Wind, Tiger Claw|

    By disciplines:
    {table=head]Discipline|Classes that have it originally|Classes we proposed adding it to
    army of one|Crimson Banner Executor, Dreadcloak, Leap Dragoon, Leviathan-Born, Prodigal Overlord, |,
    black heron|Kazarzeth, |, Incarnate Knight, Masked Demon, Silent Demon,
    black lotus||, Dreaming Lotus Assassin,
    black rain||, Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Eaglewing Striker, Spirit Archer, Thousand-Arrow Archer,
    bladed thoughts||, Nightmare Reaver, Spirit Archer,
    broken blade| Adept Hunter, |,
    chosen discipline|The Master of One, |,
    mystic cobra|Leap Dragoon, |,
    narrow bridge|Dreadcloak, |, Blade Incarnate, Demonspawn Harbinger, Doom Lord, Holy Deathless One, Incarnate Knight, Kazarzeth,
    ninefold damnation||, Crusader of Death, Hollowed Soul, Incarnate Knight, Kazarzeth, Masked Demon, Silent Demon, Sword of Levakross, Unmasked Fiend,
    ocean soul||, Leviathan-Born,
    ocean tempest|Leviathan-Born, |,
    oncoming storm|Angel of Death, Blade Maiden, Blade Operant, Blood Sage, Dreaming Lotus Assassin, Iron Slasher, Shrouded Ambusher, |, Braveheart Bravo, Pragmatist, Unseelie Knight,
    piercing point|Leap Dragoon, |,
    placid lake|Guardian of the Frozen Grotto, |,
    quicksilver aegis|Blade Incarnate, |, Incarnate Knight,
    rending scream||, Harmonic Lance Adept, Leviathan-Born,
    scarlet bravura|Leviathan-Born, Prodigal Overlord, |, Blade Incarnate, Concealed Celestial, Ebon Raven General,
    setting sun|Angel of Death, Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Enlightened Budoka, Pragmatist, Silent Demon, Spirit Lord: Spellmaster, Student of Nine Claws, |,
    settting sun|Holy Deathless One, |,
    shadow hand|Al-shra'a Al-mharb, Angel of Death, Artmage, Blade Incarnate, Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Blood Sage, Crusader of Death, Demonspawn Harbinger, Doom Lord, Dreadcloak, Dreaming Lotus Assassin, Ebon Phoenix Mage, Ebon Raven General, Eldritch Blademaster, Hollowed Soul, Kazarzeth, Masked Demon, Shadow Knight, Shadowstalker, Shrouded Ambusher, Soulfire Invoker, Spirit Craftsman, Spirit Lord: Skirmisher, Sword of Levakross, Unmasked Fiend, Unseelie Knight, Warped Angel, |,
    silver pegasus||, Eaglewing Striker,
    sleeping goddess||, Incarnate Knight, Nightmare Reaver, Oracle Knight,
    solaris arcanum||, Artmage, Eldritch Blademaster, Incarnate Knight, Shrouded Ambusher,
    steel mountain||, Pragmatist,
    stone dragon|* Vindicators, Aberrant Armorlord, Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Combat Artisan, Concealed Celestial, Draconic Partisan, Ecclesiastic Knight, Enlightened Budoka, Hollowed Soul, Occult Adversary, Saurian Brute, Savage Savant, Spirit Craftsman, Spirit Lord: Champion, Student of Nine Claws, Unmasked Fiend, Unveiled Dragon, Warforged Armorlord, |,
    tiger claw|Aberrant Armorlord, Al-shra'a Al-mharb, Blade Maiden, Blade Operant, Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Blood Sage, Demonspawn Harbinger, Draconic Partisan, Eaglewing Striker, Eldritch Blademaster, Guardian of the Frozen Grotto, Hollowed Soul, Madspawn Broodling, Masked Demon, Saurian Brute, Savage Savant, Spirit Lord: Champion, Student of Nine Claws, Unmasked Fiend, Unseelie Knight, Unveiled Dragon, Warped Angel, Zealot of Salamander, |,
    true arrow||, Eaglewing Striker, Spirit Archer, Thousand-Arrow Archer,
    twin spirit|Eaglewing Striker, |,
    untamed essence||, Artmage, Eldritch Blademaster, Incarnate Knight, Shrouded Ambusher, Soulfire Invoker, Spellfire Banisher, Spirit Craftsman,
    viper fang||, Dreaming Lotus Assassin, Iron Slasher,
    way of the gear||, Spirit Archer, Thousand-Arrow Archer,
    white raven|* Vindicators, Blade Incarnate, Concealed Celestial, Doom Lord, Ebon Raven General, Ecclesiastic Knight, Harmonic Lance Adept, Holy Deathless One, Ironsword Speaker, Oracle Knight, Soulfire Invoker, Spirit Lord: Champion, Spirit Lord: Spellmaster, |,
    witch razor||, Artmage, Demonspawn Harbinger, Incarnate Knight,

    Categorized (with lots of overlap):
    archer|Spirit Archer, Thousand-Arrow Archery,
    advancing non-martial powers|* Vindicators, Artmage, Blade Incarnate, Blood Sage, Combat Artisan, Demonspawn Harbinger, Ebon Phoenix Mage, Ecclesiastic Knight, Eldritch Blademaster,Guardian of the Frozen Grotto, Incarnate Knight, Ironsword Speaker, Nightmare Reaver, Occult Adversary, Oracle Knight, Saurian Brute, Savage Savant, Shrouded Ambusher, Soulfire Invoker, Spirit Craftsman, Spirit Lord: Spellmaster, Unseelie Knight, Zealot of Salamander,
    evil|Crusader of Death, Doom Lord, Hollowed Soul, Kazarzeth, Masked Demon, Silent Demon, Sword of Levakross, Unmasked Fiend, Zealot of Salamander,
    good|Concealed Celestial, Holy Deathless One, Holy Knight, Shadow Knight,
    leadership|Ebon Raven General, Prodigal Overlord, Spirit Lord: Champion,
    focused on the sublime path itself| Adept Hunter, Another Master of One, Sublime Form Master, The Master of One, True Master of Nine,
    mobility|Al-shra'a Al-mharb, Braveheart Bravo, Warpforged Adept, Whirlwind Heir,
    for specific races/monsters|Braveheart Bravo, Leviathan-Born, Student of Nine Claws, Unveiled Dragon, Warforged Armorlord, Warped Angel, Warpforged Adept, Zealot of Salamander, Concealed Celestial,Unmasked Fiend,
    mystic|Bladelord (d20 Modern?), Enlightened Budoka,
    nature|Guardian of the Frozen Grotto, Saurian Brute, Unseelie Knight,
    not requiring a martial base class|Errant Blademaster, Sublime Warrior,
    involving possession by outsider|Concealed Celestial, Hollowed Soul, Kazarzeth, Masked Demon, Silent Demon, Unmasked Fiend,
    sneaky|Angel of Death, Dreadcloak, Dreaming Lotus Assassin, Ebon Raven General, Shadowstalker, Shrouded Ambusher, Spirit Lord: Skirmisher,
    weapon|Spirit Lord: Champion, Spirit Lord: Skirmisher, Spirit Lord: Spellmaster,
    no category|Aberrant Armorlord, Blade Maiden, Blade Operant, Crimson Banner Executor, Draconic Partisan, Eaglewing Striker, Harmonic Lance Adept, Huixxa Vo Nyarlathotep, Iron Slasher, Leap Dragoon, Madspawn Broodling, Moonflame Adept -, Pragmatist, Spellfire Banisher

    Advancing Non-Martial Powers
    Artificier|Combat Artisan,Spirit Craftsman,
    Binder| Occult Adversary,
    Incarnum|Blade Incarnate, Incarnate Knight,
    Psionics|Nightmare Reaver, Oracle Knight, Savage Savant,
    Spellcasting -- Arcane| Artmage, Ebon Phoenix Mage, Shrouded Ambusher, Soulfire Invoker (bard),
    Spellcasting -- Cleric|* Vindicators, Ecclesiastic Knight, Zealot of Salamander,
    Spellcasting -- Druid | Saurian Brute, Unseelie Knight, Guardian of the Frozen Grotto
    Spellcasting -- Any | Spirit Lord: Spellmaster, Blood Sage,
    Truespeaking|Ironsword Speaker,
    Warlock| Demonspawn Harbinger,Eldritch Blademaster,

    For Specific Races/Monsters
    Halfling|Braveheart Bravo,
    darfellen| Leviathan-Born,
    Any monster, but especially dragons|Student of Nine Claws,
    Dragons|Unveiled Dragon,
    Warforged|Warforged Armorlord, Warpforged Adept,
    Fallen Angels| Warped Angel,
    Sphoraxun |Zealot of Salamander,
    Celestials|Concealed Celestial,
    Fiends|Unmasked Fiend,
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