STUMBLEUPON DRIVE FOR "THE CONTINENTALS". Sadly, The Continentals has never had much of any stumbleupon traffic to speak of. None to be honest. So Monique and I are encouraging all fans of The Continentals who use stumbleupon to use the power of the "thumbs up" to help us increase The Continentals awareness with the stumbleupon crowd by going through The Continentals archive and stumbling as many pages as you can. And if you can leave a small review and tag the pages you stumble with tags like "steampunk", "mystery", "detective", "action/adventure", etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

So fans of The Continentals, put those "thumbs ups" to good use and help The Continentals gain a stumbleupon readership. And I thank you in advance. :)

The Continentals

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