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Well, if for no other reason than because it increases spells this is your only contribution so far that you haven't managed to underpower. Really the only problems I see so far:
1. You gain Class Ability at 2nd level.
FUDGEMONKEYS!!! That's what I get for staying up late I guess. Okay, so I need to insert an ability or two, perhaps one of those Path of . . . abilitys to make Fierna more attractive at low levels (like that's a challenge.)

2. In several places you have DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Charisma Modifier. This should really be DC 10 + Class Level + Charisma Modifier.

3. Belial seems more powerful than Fierna until 10th level, at which point the ability to sacrifice a spell slot to heal spell slot x 10 hit points becomes pretty awesome assuming arcane entry, but not really broken in any way.
So keep it the way it is?

4. The only abusable ability is the 5th level one. It's super easy to get ludicrous saves with it. I don't have my BoVD or Fiendish Codex or wherever the Sadism/Masochism spells come from, but do they have limits to the bonuses they can grant? I'm not sure it's broken, I'll have to think about it.
I think I'm going to change it to three times per day the disciple can use that spell, as they don't have caps besides the fact that the boni fade after one round.

dawnsolara- fixed the wording in Path of Belial/Fierna. The Sudden Metamagics do stay once per day in their description. I'll tone down the sadism and masochism spells.