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    Default Re: Disciple of Belial/Fierna (DnD 3.5, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    I never said that spellcasting advancement is a bad thing, just a 10/10 of you're giving out class features at every level. I've played in all kinds of games and it's never been being weaker that's made me feel underpowered or useless so much as other players being self important. Thus, I honestly don't care if a class is powerful, so much as whether it has a really good angle to play from in the roleplaying sections.

    I'm not planning on budging from the "'more is better' is bad design in a nutshell" stance but i'm happy enough to back down if there is a decent play reason other than "it would be underpowered otherwise" put on the table for each case.

    7-8/10 spellcasting and i wouldn't blink, just not a 10/10, but i'm not really clear why it was a specifically spellcasting prestige class anyway. The musty self importance inherent in a lot of spellcasting class concepts doesn't lend itself well to depravity [shrug].
    Quite aside from whether a Belial/Fierna PRC should be spellcaster, I have to disagree with you on the balance issue of 10 spellcasting levels + class abilities. None of the classes abilities are very powerful except for a couple that duplicate spells the character could already cast by that level. Given three suboptimal feats for entry and the lack of bonus feats or familiar progression it's not a great trade off. Loremaster is about equal and Mage of the Arcane Order or Archmage are obviously superior. Then there's cheese like IotSV. I think this class is perfectly balanced against straight wizard or wizard/loremaster, weak against something like wizard/mage of the arcane order/archmage, pathetic against wizard/IotSV/Incantatrix.
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