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I never said that spellcasting advancement is a bad thing, just a 10/10 of you're giving out class features at every level. I've played in all kinds of games and it's never been being weaker that's made me feel underpowered or useless so much as other players being self important. Thus, I honestly don't care if a class is powerful, so much as whether it has a really good angle to play from in the roleplaying sections.

I'm not planning on budging from the "'more is better' is bad design in a nutshell" stance but i'm happy enough to back down if there is a decent play reason other than "it would be underpowered otherwise" put on the table for each case.

7-8/10 spellcasting and i wouldn't blink, just not a 10/10, but i'm not really clear why it was a specifically spellcasting prestige class anyway. The musty self importance inherent in a lot of spellcasting class concepts doesn't lend itself well to depravity [shrug].
Mainly, I built the class based on the knowledge that none of the other disciples are full casting classes. Only two, IF you count this one, have any spellcasting advancement at all. Of the nine, the ones most associated with spellcasting are Asmodeus, Mephistopholes and Belial. I'll admit Glasya and Baalzebul hit that mark too, but I just thought, why can arcane and divine spellcasters get in on the fun without losing caster levels?

You could ask the same question about narrow focus about disciple of Dispater. Why is it a warrior class? Dispater, if taken purely as himself, seems more of a spellcaster, the sort to set up contingencies and wait things out. Then again, if we purely look at archfiends in general, you could make the argument for any class and have it stick. Most are better spellcasters, better warriors and better skill monkeys than any mortal.

For a note, I'm going to go with what Drolyt says about power and game balance, as those are aims of homebrewing, creating playable classes with balanced mechanics. On the other hand, your advice and ideas so far have been invaluable to me, and I definitely will be modifying the class as to some of your suggestions once I've time. And your suggestions are the other aim of homebrewing, creating interesting things that enrich the campaign world. To counter your "'more is better' is bad design" argument, I subscribe to the "dead levels are BORING" argument, which is to say even giving just a small flavourful ability at each level makes a class more interesting. It's not about power, it's about a balance of fluff and crunch.

On a side note, have you checked out Disciple of Glasya or Disciple of Levistus?