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    Default Re: Disciple of Belial/Fierna (DnD 3.5, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Drolyt View Post
    Fine, I'll take that arguments like PRC class x is stronger doesn't necessarily imply balance. But how is my argument that straight wizard is stronger not valid? I'm basically saying that I'm pretty sure I could make wizard 20 stronger than wizard 10/disciple of Belial/Fierna 10. I don't see how you could possibly call the class overpowered if that is the case.
    Before this turns ugly, he's calling it unflavourful, or more correctly, he's suggesting the class misses the point of Belial and Fierna. I've done my best to point out that really we're talking about tea-drinking cthulus here, but still.

    I will work in his suggestions about sexual power and such, and remove the now defunct sadism and masochism because I will be adding Mark of Phlegethos, but that doens't mean I'm budging from my core design.

    Things I'm not discussing anymore:
    This is a full casting class. full stop
    It is accessable to both arcane and divine.
    I'm having a class feature at every level.
    Since the layer and both the lords have fire as a theme, I'm keeping Priest of Phlegethos.

    Not so hard is it. Work time now.
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