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    Quote Originally Posted by akani View Post
    Hmm, I didn't start out with all the characters, I earned them by fighting and beating most of the game by myself. I still haven't gotten Utsuho, Yuka, or Shikieiki yet so I can't give you my opinion on them.
    I already got everyone from my first playthrough, and am simply trying to spice things up for a second playthrough by using 2.06 patch's New Game + mode.

    And Shikieiki is pretty fantastic, btw. Very reliable damage dealer. Maybe not as much raw damage against most bosses as Flandre's Starbow Break, but against high def enemies it's hard to do better than Last Judgment *glares at F27 boss*. Due to the sheer reliability of Last Judgment, it's my spell of choice for taking extra turns for. For example, against the Kedamagrammaton (F27 boss who takes 0 damage from most attacks), I killed before it managed to finish using Rankain despite it having a ridiculous speed score of 1900. I carefully manipulated my team's speed so that I could go World-Shaking Military Rule > Last Judgment > Buddha's Stone Bowl > Last Judgment > Yukari's Spiriting Away > Danmaku Barrage > Scarlet Golden Sword > Last Judgment, for nearly 4 million points of DEF/MND ignoring damage all within a single turn.

    I haven't really used most of the other Plus Disk characters besides Mystia, though. Speaking of which, I think Mystia is now my favorite character in the game.

    And you will NEED to switch people for boss fights because of the whole elemental affinities thing and whether a person is weak to mind or def. Meaning, for example, if Yuka is weak to a fire elemental affinity, then you have to bring in people like Yuugi and Alice to deal way more damage with fire attacks. There's no point bringing in Marisa, whose attacks are all mystic, into that fight since Yuka is resistant to mystic.
    That's the whole point of the challenge. If I've already beaten Yuka the old fashioned way, then I figured I might as well impose a challenge on myself for the next time around. I know the conventional strategy for every boss already, but can I figure out a way to beat certain strategy-intensive bosses when all I have is a hammer? Even if I fail, at least I hope it'll be entertaining.

    And I'm not sure if it will be the case in your game, but the stairs to floor 21 might not show up after you've beaten the floor 20 final boss. If that happens, try reinstalling the game.
    Yeah, that happened on my first playthrough. It's OK, I know how to fix it. Although, I'm not sure how much of the post-game content I plan on doing for this Let's Play, as the post-game has a lot of required level grinding. That's probably not the most interesting thing I can do.
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