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Thread: Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou

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    Default Re: Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Voting for Characters Now Open!

    Meiling. Poor China always gets ignored by ZUN and she is so awesome. And if you have Meiling you got to have Sakuya too, what is the gate guard without the maid? Patchy is just an adorably grumpy bookworm who happens to be just like one of my favorite Negima characters, so her as well. Since i like trolling reporter type characters, yes there are surprisingly many of them in total, i vote for Aya too. And it would just be mean to leave THE STRONGEREST out, also since she is the strongerest why would you want to leave Cirno out?

    These are the only real preferences i have so my list of votes is: Meiling, Sakuya, Patchy, Aya and Cirno.

    Also you can always off-screen grinding since it would indeed not be very fun to look at for those reading the let's play.
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