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    More mooks! Knight, Silver, and I will be playing them.

    Team Riganryuu (離岸流: "Riptide")

    Team Riptide: silent, deadly, efficient. They the finest genin team that Kirigakure has to offer for the exam. Veterans of dozens of missions and many battles, their village is confident in their promotion to chuunin. Team Riptide specializes in assassination and ambush.

    KnightDisciple's character:

    Name/Rank:Tanaka, Kirigakure genin
    Classification: C+ rank
    Birthdate: April 15th
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: A
    • Kirigakure
    • Land of Water

    Appearance: Short and skinny. Messy blond hair. Brown eyes. Wears loose clothing. Has two medium size scrolls (about as big as a 1-liter soda bottle) hanging from his belt, one on each side. Has a single kunai pouch on his right hip.

    Personality: Tanaka is a bright young man. However, his casual nature can often belie his actual intelligence. When he enters combat, Tanaka's demeanor shifts radically. Instead of a drawl that he uses in casual situations, he uses short, clipped tones to communicate with his teammates.

    Bloodline: None

    Notable Jutsu:
    • Kugutsu no Jutsu (Puppet Technique): This jutsu uses strings of chakra to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra strings can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet. Currently, Tanaka can only control 1 puppet actively in a battle, but has enough control to switch between two puppets using the Substitution Jutsu.
    • Sōshūjin (Manipulating Attack Blades): The user makes kunai knives float in mid-air as he or she uses chakra to control them and direct them to an opponent. Tanaka sometimes uses this jutsu to re-use weapons already

    Ninjutsu: Limited to the basic level jutsu and chakra string related jutsu. However, he is very skilled in using the strings, and has the right combination of chakra reserves and control to use the strings for long battles.

    Genjutsu: Tanaka is able to dispel basic level genjutsu, but has no real talent beyond some basic disguises for his puppets, which is more physical disguise and misdirection.

    Taijutsu: Tanaka has very basic abilities in taijutsu, mostly focused on evasion.
    His puppets have a greater level of ability, but it does not translate well to his own fighting ability.

    Special Equipment: Karakuri, Tanaka's ninja puppet. There are actually two copies of Karakuri, one stored in each of the scrolls kept at his hips. These scrolls use Fuinjutsu to contain both the puppets themselves, as well as reloads for the various deadly devices on board.
    Appearance: Karakuri stands 6 feet tall. It has the rough outline of a bulky male human, but the features are far smoother and indistinct than any human. The "face" has no eyes or nose. There is a "mouth", but it is a long, thin, rectangular opening. The whole of the puppet is dark wood, with occasional bits of metal showing for the various pieces of visible weaponry. As well, someone who knows where to look can open up the large number of various maintenance panels in the puppet, allowing for easy reloading of all armaments.
    • The mouth is a shuriken launcher; it fires regular, non-poisonous shuriken.
    • The left hand has three large, thick fingers tipped with claws. These claws are typically coated in a poison that disables movement with moderate speed. As well, the palm of the left hand has a port that can open and spit out a moderately strong acid, stored in a special scroll and fed through special tubes in the arm.
    • The right hand has five fingers. It can be used for fine manipulation. The forearm of the right arm stores a katar-esque blade that can be popped out. This blade is coated in the same poison as the claws of the left hand.
    • The left half of the torso has a half-dozen shuriken launchers. Half of these launchers have poisoned blades; the other half are slightly heavier than normal shuriken, intended for longer range and better stopping power. These launchers can be fired individually, or as a group.
    • The right half of the torso contains three nozzles spaced out vertically. Each fires a debilitating poison. A small dose produces a low-level numbing effect. Enough concentrated dose could, conceivably, kill someone.
    • The legs are reinforced with thin metal plates, giving them a greater amount of survivability. They are often used to block enemy weapons. This metal gives greater force to kicks. The soles of the feet have several small nozzles, all of them leading back to special high-pressure water storage scrolls. These can be used to send the puppet moving at high speed towards an enemy, or to rapidly move the enemy away from itself.

    Special Abilities: None

    Silverraptor's character:

    Name/Rank: Yana (簗="Fish Trap")/ Genin
    Classification:C+ rank
    Birthdate:Septemember 16
    Age: 13
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 108
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: B+
    • Kirigakure
    • Land of Water

    Appearance: Slightly short with neat looking hair. Wears googles. Wears baggy clothing that could hide many things in it and carrys several bulky day packs. Each pack as several scrolls attached to it. Where's several Kunai pouches on his legs, but packs are positioned to not restrict movement.

    Personality: Yana is very observant. He will find any miniscule thing the person does and is able to form conclusions about the person. This comes in very handy when in combat by determining little quirks the opponent does before he does anything.

    Yana is also the sneaky type. It is very hard to notice him from the background. Often times he stays behind his two teammates to insure that he isn't noticed. He uses this trait exstensively in combat. He is a very loyal teammate to his allies.

    Yana tends to make himself a strategist and giving advice during combat by flashing a reflective code at his team.

    Bloodline: None.

    Notable Jutsu:
    • Substitution Jutsu: Yana uses this to swap places with another object before being struck by an attack.

    Special Abilities: Trap expert. Yana carries many traps with him in his bags which he uses throughout the battlefield.
    • Scrolls: Yana carries many scrolls carrying various items.
    • Reflective device: Yana uses this to send coded messenges to his allies.
    • Traps: Carry's many variety of traps and gadgets. Most are stored in the scrolls he carrys.
      • Paper bomb: This paper is planted in various places. It will explode when activated by hand signals by the one who placed it or is removed the wrong way. Can also be set up to explode as a proximity sensor.
      • Sticky trap: This substance is transparent and difficult to see. Should anyone or anything touch it, it becomes instantly stuck to it.
      • Poisonous Gas Scroll: This scroll is similar to paper bombs except it releases a toxic gas instead.
      • Exploding tag: This is attached to Kunai and explode shortly after the kunai impacts something.
      • Water shooter: This trap is made specially for the ninja of Kirigakure. This device is placed with a nozzle and a rolled up scroll in it. The device can not be activated by, only set up. Only Tanaka's chakra strings can make this device work. It can be directed to fire a thin stream of water, fired at high, concentrated pressure. The water can cut through flesh as well as solid wood, rock and metal.
      • Spike tags: These tags will grow spikes that will limit movement.
      • Spike bombs: These are proximity traps that will fire out spike if anyone gets near it.
      • Kunai/Shuriken Tags: These traps will fire out a Kunai and Shuriken in a wide area.
      • Flamethrower trap: Similar to the Water shooter trap except it shoots flames.
      • Genjutsu bomb: Similar to spike bomb, except when an opponent gets to close, a weak form of genjutsu is unleashed.
      • Blinding light scroll: Burst into a flash of light that temporarily blinds those who see it.
      • Deafening Sound Blast: Bursts into a shockwave of sound that deafens those that are too close.
      • Shadow clone trap: When one gets to close, this scroll will conjure up a shadow clone of the opponent. The clone is weak and fragile, but otherwise has all the abilities of the one that's copied, except it fights for the person who set the trap.
    • Substitution bomb: Yana has many various objects he uses as substituions. However, they all carry some form of paper bomb on them that will exploded in a few seconds after appearing.

    13_CBS's character:

    Name/Rank: Hayase (湍: "rapids")
    Classification: C+ Class
    Birthdate: August 9th
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Gender: Female
    Blood type: B
    • Kirigakure
    • Land of Water

    Appearance: Hayase is a thin, wiry young women with sharp cheekbones and generally elfin appearance. She has short, chin-length black hair and cold, ice-blue eyes. She typically wears a camouflage cloak best suited for the terrain, and underneath that a normal ninja gi with a well-oiled maille undermesh for added protection without sacrificing stealth. For disguising her face and head, Hayase typically wears a hood-and-mask combination that covers all but her eyes.

    Personality: Bloodthirsty. Sadistic. Violent. Hayase is normally scornful and apathetic towards everything, unless there's blood to be spilled. Her teammates often have to restrain her from killing targets that must be captured alive. The smell and sight of blood excites her like nothing else. Back in Kirigakure, there are whispers that she enjoys drinking the blood of her enemies. This is, of course, utterly false: she only likes the taste of it as she licks it off her blades.

    Bloodline: None, though she's a distant relative of a Kirigakure family known for its prowess in murder and assassination.

    Notable Jutsu:
    • Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu: Hayase can create water clones of herself, capable of close quarters combat on their own. Her limit is 2 clones at once. Hayase doesn't like using this technique often as it deprives her of enemies to kill, so she rarely bothers disguising the clones in any way: thus, they always appear to be humanoid blobs of water rather than clones of Hayase. These are normally used to distract enemies if Hayase is already engaged in combat and is unable to otherwise lend support to her more vulnerable teammates.
    • Shinkeidoku no jutsu (Art of the Neurotoxin): Hayase kneads chakra inside her body and spews it out of her mouth in the form of a clear liquid. She can't make much of it, and it takes too long for it to be absorbed through the skin, so she typically "drools" it over her blades instead. When delivered into the bloodstream, they act very quickly, able to paralyze nerves and muscles in the contact area quite quickly. It wears off in a minute, unfortunately, but this is typically all Hayase needs to finish off the surprised and disabled opponent. This is Hayase's most potent technique, and consumes a significant portion of her chakra to use. Hayase has already developed a resistance to her own toxin, but the same might not apply to her teammates...
    • Shikomishindan. Hayase uses these as an emergency ranged attack if needed. The needles are coated with the same neurotoxin made from the above technique.
    • Moya no Jutsu: Art of the Haze. Using the moisture of the air, Hayase blurs her form, making her a little more difficult to discover if she's hiding and using camo. This technique only fools the naked eye, however: techniques such as chakra sensing and Byakugan will discover Hayase just as easily as normal.

    Ninjutsu: Hayase is decent enough at ninjutsu, but they're all used to supplement her true talents: ambush and taijutsu.

    Genjutsu: Very little. Hayase hates genjutsu; she'd much rather have her victims be fully aware of who's cutting them up.

    Taijutsu: Hayase's true talent and calling. She's not the best genin around at taijutsu, but she's very good, and combined with her talent for ambush and sadism, she makes for skilled assassin for someone her age.

    Note: Hayase has learned a thing or two about traps from one of her teammates. In a pinch, she convincingly pretend to be a trapmaster, but she tends to do this only for emergencies or to deceive enemies.

    Special Weapons:
    • Tiger Claws: claw-like steel weapons that are installed into a wrist-mounted device on both of Hayase's arms. At the press of a button, they extend up to 1.5 feet beyond Hayase's knuckles. They're quite sharp, capable of impaling as well as cutting, but they're mostly used to deliver neurotoxins or cut specific tendons. Along the forearms are needles that Hayase can launch at enemies.
    • Iron Serpent: Under Hayase's right arm is a special, whip-like sword, 5 feet long and razor sharp. They're not too good for dismemberment; like the claws, they're mostly around to deliver neurotoxin. Hayase extends and retracts the blade with a button. Hayase has an emergency Iron Serpent installed on her left calf, but she only uses this if she absolutely needs to get away. The leg blade must be relied upon for stealth, as Hayase cannot wield it with enough dexterity to substitute for her normal arm-mounted one.
    • Toe blade: foot-mounted knife coated with neurotoxin. A well-placed kick between the legs with these equipped will ruin anyone's day, male or female.
    • Extra knives: Hayase carries with her at least six knives, placed all over her body. They are otherwise unexceptional, and are totally mundane. They can be used as kunai if necessary. And yes, they're coated with poison.
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