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    Gray Jester


    1|+0 | + 0|+ 2| + 2|Gray Jester body, Hideous Laughter, Dark Humor, +1Dex
    2|+ 1| +0 |+ 3| +3 | Last Laugh, +1 Cha, +1 Dex
    3|+ 1| +1 |+ 3| +3 | Devour Joy, +1 Dex, +1 Cha
    4|+ 2| +1 |+ 4| +4 |Joy slaves, +1 Dex, +1 Cha

    Skills:6+int modifier per level, quadruple at 1st level. Its class skills are Balance, Bluff, Disguise, Diplomacy , Hide, Listen , Perform (any), Move Silently, Search Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Profession (any) Use rope

    Simple weapons.


    Gray Jester body: at first level loses all other racial bonus and gains fey traits (basicaly low light vision). The GJ is a medium sized fey with base speed 50 foot.

    In adition, the GJ gains a deflection bonus to AC equal to half it's Cha modifier, rounded up (yes, rounded up).

    Hideous Laughter:
    If the GJ hits an oponent with a melee weapon or suceeds on a touch attack, it may inflict an hideous laughter on the touched creature. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to HDxCha mod. The save is 10+1/2HD+Cha modifier. If the creature was sucessfully feinted by the GJ, then the save is 10+HD+Cha modifier instead. Spell resistance applies, use the GJ's full HD+Cha modifier for Caster level both for duration and bypassing SR.

    Dark Humor:The GJ is a true artist of humor. Creatures with the same number of HD as the GJ or less don't receive any special bonus against HD for having low int or being of a diferent type than the GJ.

    Creatures immune to mind affecting abilities can be affected if the GJ suceeds on a feint check before using his hideous laughter ability (normal feinting rules), but the save is just 10+1/2HD+Cha modifier.

    Creatures whitout an int score are still immune. You cannot make laugh an animated piece of rock no matter how good you are.

    Last Laugh:The GJ gains DR/cold iron equal to half HD and SR equal to 11+HD.

    Devour joy:
    As a standard action, a GJ can absorb the joy out of any laughing creature whitin 30 feets. The maximum number of creatures affected with each use of this ability is equal to the GJ's Cha modifier. Only creatures laughing can be affected (including those under the hideous laughter effect).

    The affected creatures must make a will save (10+1/2HD+Cha mod) or take 1d4 points of Cha drain and stop laughing (but geting rid of any Hideous laughter effect on them). Creatures reduced to 0 Cha by this ability aren't disabled, but rather become unable to feel joy or laugh anymore.

    The Cha damage increases by an extra 1d4 and the range increases by an extra 30 feets for every 5HD of the GJ. The Gray Jester heals an equal number of HP as the Cha drained, and gains a bonus on her own Cha score equal to the highest Cha drained for 24 Hours. Multiple drainings don't stack.

    Creatures normally immune to ability drain still take half damage from this ability.

    Joy slaves:Creatures drained to 0 Cha by Devour Joy that have less or equal number of HD as the Gray Jester become complete slaves to her, obeying all her commands. They lose all abilities that rely on alignment, or
    those that require Charisma, but otherwise retain all their capabilities.

    The gray jester can control 4 times her own HD in Joy slaves at any time.

    Notice that since Joy Slaves cannot use social skills, any people they contact with will quickly notice they're not on their normal state.


    The gray jester is kinda one trick pony clown. Make people laugh, then beat them to death, or suck their delicious charisma.

    Notice that this one gets a defense bonus in form of deflection and not Nat armor, since the original Grey Jester doesn't have nat armor but a deflection bonus out of nowhere.

    The Capstone is the ability to make weak enemies drained your complete slaves. This is, you're using the ability in enemies right? Not going around enslaving poor inocents?

    Two good saves, 6 skill points per level and +4 to Dex and +3 to Cha help rounding up the class.
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