Name: Nakamura Neko
Rank: Neko
Classification: ???
Age: ?? (?????)
Height: ~14"
Weight: ~12 lbs.
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Konohagakure (The World, baby! Specifically the Woman of the World)

Appearance: Neko is a gray tabby cat with an extra toe on each of his front paws. He has some evidence of fighting on his body, notably a notch missing from his right ear. Small scars mark his body, but most are hidden beneath his fur, however. Tied around his neck, most of the time, is a Konaha forehead guard.

Human: If he has a human form, it would definitely be a ruggedly manly man, oldish, but still good looking, with square jaw sporting unshaven, but not lazily so, stubble-beard. Very dark gray hair(almost black) run through with streaks of lighter gray hair, shortish, but long enough to be spiked. A predatory grin filled with sharp teeth and feline eyes looking for a good time or a good fight. He would, assuming he even has a human form, wear a dark gray vest over a stylish black shirt. Stylish but more importantly functional pants held up with a cloth belt and ninja shoes finish out this hypothetical outfit. Again, there is no way to tell if he can even make himself a human, as you would be hard pressed to find a living soul who could even say they have seen him in any form other than his natural cat one.

Personality: In a few words: aloof, perverted, laid-back, carefree, attention craved, the opposite of srs bsnss.

Bloodline: ???

Ninjutsu: ???

Taijutsu: ???

Genjutsu: ???

Chakra Control: ???

Weapon Skills: Claws, teeth. He is good with them.

Contract: It is rumored he summons butterflies.

Notable Techniques: ???

Background: Not much is known about Neko other than that he is known just about everywhere. He is older than most Kages and it is said he has trained his fair share of ninja in his time. But a while back he vanished from the world, slipping into obscurity and legend. Myths abound about him, his capabilities, his achievements, deeds, conquests, adventures and countless left behind lovers from all over the world. It is hard to say how much is true and how much is purely fiction, especially as the cat himself has not been seen in decades. It is rumored that he himself is long dead, with only the tales of his exploits living on.

To those in the know, Neko's primary contribution to the ninja world comes from his extreme longevity and vast body of knowledge concerning ninja techniques collected over the years. Though he can hold his own in battle, he, much like the cat he is, prefers to lounge around and let the younger folks take care of the hard part.

Most ninja villages have a standing "capture and detain" order on his head, due to the potentially damaging information about them he carries, as well as the wealth of valuable knowledge about the other villages, including knowledge lost to the rest of the world. It's a good thing he is mostly likely dead, or else that kind of thing could get tiresome for a cat his age.