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Thread: Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou

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    Default Re: Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Voting for Characters Now Open! (Prologue Up)

    Rinnosuke, MAN or not, being the most powerful character is something that should not be happening EVER. It's like saying Cirno is actually the strongest.

    * gets icicle fall easy'd *

    My votes, though, based on my personal favorites in Touhou:

    Marisa: Every single Touhou shmup I play, I always use Marisa. Never mind that Reimu's shoot-at-everything is more useful against normal enemies, Marisa just has a sort of "style" that makes everything awesome.

    Aya: You cannot abandon ZUN's wife.

    Suwako: I'm like the only Touhou fan in the world that doesn't hate Suwako, so her voice must be heard.

    (Not that my votes matter, since it looks like you've already decided =p)
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