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    This section took a lot less time to play through, as I had already mapped out most of floor 1 when doing the first chapter. Here's the end of floor 1.

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 2

    Salutations. I am Patchouli Knowledge, keeper of the great Voile Magic Library and master of the seven elements. For those of you who are apprehensive concerning my lofty exposition, do not be alarmed. I will try to speak at a level more fitting for beings of your particular persuasion to comprehend. I do believe I know just the thing: a certain "web site" that an acquaintance of mine from Eientei introduced me to a while back. This will be a good opportunity to exercise my utilization of this resource, although I would like to apologize in advance for any overuse on my part.

    After our expedition party finally managed to recruit a useful meat shield, we set off again into the mysterious space. It was not long before we found our first clue to this incident.

    The shikigami of a shikigami cat youkai crossed our paths, and we immediately pounced on our first connection to Yukari Yakumo, our primary suspect. Chen denied any knowledge of what Yukari was doing, but refused to cooperate with us, and dashed off. We gave chase, but my accursed asthma was of no help in our pursuit.

    As we searched the area for Chen, we came upon a most peculiar discovery. We found a magic seal pulsating with immense power, beckoning us to open it up.

    I cautioned our allies to beware, but of course naive simpletons like Reimu and Marisa would never listen. Thankfully, this particular seal could not be broken in our current state, for the seal itself seemed to be guarded by a multitude of additional seals. We wisely departed, although our mere presence surely seemed to have been significant.

    After a strenuous chase that stretched me to my utmost limits, our group finally managed to corner Chen. In hindsight, I realize that I was foolish to believe the servant of some of the most cunning beings in Gensokyo would give up so easily. Chen led us to the area with the greatest spiritual energy, and with her power amplified she attacked us with all her might.

    As an archtypical fragile speedster, Chen was capable of striking multiple times per round with her Flight of Idaten. Thankfully, as a single-target attack I was never the recipient of it. My allies could weather the blows reasonably well, especially after Reimu provided us with some cover. Chen did provide some problems when she cast Kimontonkou to buff her own attack, though, as China only barely survived her subsequent barrage. My wise choice of staying in the back of our party order meant I suffered much less damage from Chen's row attacks.

    Unlike the time we fought China, Chen's ability to withstand punishment was far weaker. Lacking the high defense that China boasted, both physical and magical attacks did massive damage. I in particular contributed with my efficient Princess Undine spell to exploit her weakness. With no way of healing herself or increasing her defenses, it was only a matter of outdamaging her before her attacks could bring down enough of our own.

    Although, I do wonder why most of our team was just standing there doing nothing.

    Once we brought Chen to submission, she informed us that neither she nor Ran had any idea what Yukari was doing. Her mistress Ran had gone ahead to find out for herself, but Chen was told to stay behind. I suppose we'll have to take her in at the mansion until Ran returns.

    After returning from a quick trip to the mansion, we were back in the deepest part of the first floor. A short distance beyond where we fought Chen, we came across the most glorious sight of all.

    But before we could proceed to the next stage, Reimu insisted that we first check out something else she had found.

    Yet another bloodstained seal stood before us. Of course, Reimu and Marisa insisted that we check this one out. After all, they reasoned, the other one didn't do anything bad no matter what we did, right?

    Unfortunately, this seal was a lot easier to open.

    I believe the correct term is Curb Stomp Battle.

    ~ Patchouli Knowledge

    And some more notes:

    Chen shouldn't be too much of a challenge if you're at least level 5, and have recruited Meiling. If you haven't figured out how row order matters yet, prepare for your mages to die quickly; otherwise, Meiling in front can easily withstand several blows from Chen before needing to heal herself. Keep Patchy in 4th slot and Marisa in 3rd, or expect to eat a lot of row damage from Phoenix Spread Wings. Chen may be weak to Cold spells, but Patchy's Silent Selene is faster and does more damage, although it's also more expensive. The difficulty of the fight usually depends on how often Chen boosts her attack power with Kimontonkou, as her normal attack strength isn't much to worry about. Using Great Hakurei Barrier and switching Reimu out immediately isn't a bad idea. Sakuya is also more useful in this fight because unlike Meiling, Chen has low enough defense for Killing Doll to do decent damage. Chen has the same HP as Meiling, but much lower DEF and slightly higher MND, and no way to heal herself.

    The Bloodstained Seals lead to boss fights against bosses from CAVE danmaku games. They are among the many Bonus Bosses of this game. The boss of the first seal on the first floor is the Master Light Wings Close Range Support Cruel Battle Mecha E.V.D. (yes, the name is that long), from Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigoku Tachi~. All Bloodstained Seal battles aren't meant to be beaten until after the final boss, as part of a post-game sidequest. I'll still do them now just for fun, though, because I fondly remember the first time I cluelessly ran into this guy when I first started the game. The moral of the story is: save often!
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