I don't normally like to read or respond to threads, but this one is something that I can definitively answer in one post, so why not?

Yes, I am aware TV Tropes exists as a website.

No, I do not read it regularly. Most of the few times that I have ever visited the site came as a result of someone linking a trope that they feel I have used in the comic, and I followed the link so that I may understand what their criticism/point is.

No, I have never decided to do something in the comic because it was listed on TV Tropes. I don't use it as a checklist for ideas, as has been claimed, and I have never intentionally referenced it in any way.

As far as some of the specific points being argued in this thread:

1.) I've taken film and literature classes; I knew what a trope was before 2003. I acknowledge that the word has become much more commonplace since then, possibly as a result of the site, and that I may have felt more comfortable having Elan use the word in relation to story structure as a result of seeing it bandied about the internet.

2.) The term "Cerebrus Syndrome" was coined by Eric Burns of Websnark, who has published several reviews of OOTS strips over the years and of whose blog I was an avid reader in the days before it dried up and blew away. You will note that I contributed art to the man's wedding proposal several years ago. If TV Tropes is using that phrase, it's because Eric invented it.

3.) "Lampshade hanging" is one of several terms that mean the same thing; the Turkey City Lexicon (which I have read) uses the term "Signals from Fred". I could have had the hobgoblin lean in with a telephone and say that Fred was on the line, which was my first instinct, but if I had, I don't think anyone would have understood it. At any rate, I'm pretty sure I heard the term elsewhere, but I can acknowledge that I may have read it in the work of someone who was, themselves, referencing TV Tropes (such as another webcomic artist). So I can give you that this one may be indirectly caused by the site.

4.) I love the Gargoyles cartoon, but to my knowledge I've never made any reference to Xanatos.

5.) "Good is Dumb" is from Spaceballs. Geez.