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    And here's the next section:

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 4

    I'm Cirno, the strongest in all of Gensokyo! Even when I lose, I have not truly lost! I can endure all that these idiots throw at me! Just look at how strong I am right now!

    After the others beat me up a little, Reimu insisted that I go fix up whatever happened to that harvest goddess. It was certainly not my fault that she's weaker than me! The strong can do what they please. It doesn't matter how many times those idiots call me an idiot; it's the person who calls others an idiot that's the idiot!

    Of course, I can't actually unfreeze anything, and when I do try I usually end up shattering it anyway. So by my generous mercy, I allowed Hong Meiling to carry the frozen goddess to a warm sunny patch on Floor 1, where she eventually thawed. Hooray! Now we can have her cook for us at the mansion!

    Back on the second floor, we saw this huge insect! But it was no match for my Icicle Fall!

    And then it got dark all of a sudden. I heard a familiar voice, but I didn't really pay much attention to it. The darkness soon passed anyway.

    Finally, it was my time to shine! As we neared the stairs to the next floor, we came across a river that we couldn't cross. Because for some reason, no one could fly in this dungeon. I don't know why. But it's true! Anyway, it was my turn to show my great power: I froze the river to let us cross! I'm so strong!

    But then that idiot Youmu showed up! She accused us of being the culprits behind this incident!

    Of course she wouldn't listen to us, because she's an idiot, jumping to conclusions like that. Both she and her ghost half attacked us at once! But of course I wasn't scared! The strongest never gets scared!

    Uuuwaah, a bunch of stuff happened! I only noticed three things: showers of cherry blossoms, frantic wind rushing past me, and cold steel slashing across my chest. Ooowwwiiieeee!!! It was hard for me to keep standing after that. Sakuya did this thing with her pocketwatch to speed us up, and Meiling tried to get in Youmu's way, but she easily struck us all at once regardless. Remi and Suika aimed for Youmu's ghost half first, because it was spewing some sort of strange fog that made me feel really bad. But when we managed to beat that ghost, Youmu stepped it up and did this crazy sort of slash thing that brought Meiling to her knees!

    I think I blacked out around this time, because I don't remember much more afterwards. Remi later said that she waited for Youmu to slow down and recover after each sword technique to have everyone attack her at her weakest. In the end, we still won! That's what you get for messing with the strongest!

    But...I think I'd like to rest for a little longer before we go exploring again.

    ~ Cirno


    Youmu will probably be the first really challenging boss for most players. She's fairly fast and possesses average defenses with a solid 24,000 HP and no elemental weaknesses at all. Her ghost half has 8,800 HP and is weak to Spirit magic. Both are slightly more vulnerable to magic than physical attacks, and Youmu herself is somewhat susceptible to paralysis and debuffs.

    The danger from this fight comes from Youmu's arsenal of strong attacks combined with Myon's ability to cause some nasty status effects. Myon uses mostly Cold-elemental multi-target spells, but can also cause single-target paralysis. In addition, it can use Strange Mist, which causes minimal damage but inflicts a powerful party-wide poison that can bring anyone down to 1 HP in just one or two rounds. With Meiling as your only way to heal status effects, it would be wise to quickly eliminate Myon before your entire team gets crippled by poison and paralysis.

    In the beginning of the fight, Youmu will use mostly Present Life Slash and Flashing Cherry Blossoms. Present Life Slash is single-target for ~150-200 damage and will usually target whoever's in the first position, so put Meiling in front to keep damage to a minimum. Flashing Cherry Blossoms is fairly powerful and hits all active party members equally for Nature-elemental damage, likely 1-shotting weaker defense characters like Chen and Patchy. It's best to keep such characters in reserve until after Youmu uses a strong attack that depletes her active guage, then switch them in to attack and switch out just before Youmu's next attack. Minoriko is useful as your dedicated healer for much of this fight, as she can easily heal any single-targetted damage and she resists Nature attacks. However, her defense is still pretty poor, so you may want to use her DEF/MND buff too. Youmu may also use Focus during this portion of the fight. It raises her MND, but do not let your guard down. Heal your tank and switch out anyone without high defense and HP immediately, because Youmu's next attack will be God's Slash of Karma Wind, an even more powerful Wind-elemental multi-target attack.

    When Youmu gets low on HP, she'll replace Present Life Slash with Slash of Eternity, which can hit Meiling for 400-450 damage and probably 1-shot most other characters. She'll also start using God's Slash of Karma Wind without warning. Both of these attacks have long delays, so take the opportunity to switch in all available damage dealers after each attack and try to finish her as soon as possible. Expect to lose some allies; this was the first boss fight where I had multiple characters die on this playthrough.

    Youmu has a 25% chance of dropping a Blade Cuisinart. It has pretty good stats for this portion of the game, but it also drops from regular enemies on floors 8 and 11, so it's probably not worth farming it right now. I didn't bother getting it on this playthrough.

    My characters were all level 10-11 for the Youmu fight, but you might want to be one level higher if you're not confident for this battle.
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