As you may have guessed, I'm still experimenting with ways to do this. Today's segment took much longer than the previous ones to make, but if people like it I'll try to do more in the future.

Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 6

Good evening. I am Remilia Scarlet, mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Flandre here! Hi everyone!

We bring you greetings from the heart of Floor 4, a beautifully symmetric cathedral, as we prepare to confront our next biggest challenge.

This place is so pretty! There's shiny columns and crystal lights like my wings!

Control yourself, Flan dear. As I'm sure you're all aware of, lately we've been having some problems with a certain doll maniac. Thinking we were somehow responsible for this incident, she blocked the way to Floor 5 and sent us on a wild chase to find her 4 dolls.

It was like hide-and-go-seek! I love hide-and-go-seek!

Yes, Flan, I'm sure you had a lot of fun, but for us grown-ups it was quite a chore.

Stop calling yourself a grown-up! You're only 5 years older than me!

It's not the age, dear, it's the mileage. Anyway, after defeating the Chamomile Sigil's guardian, we were able to access all 4 of Alice's dolls.

There were so cute! I wanted to play with them some more!

They were aesthetically pleasing, but they lacked any power to back them up. Truly unfitting for a world such as Gensokyo.

They go "POP!" when I squeeze them! Look at me go!

Speaking of arbitrary quests involving killing 4 weak enemies, we also managed to track down the last of those insects Wriggle told us about.

We popped those too!

It baffled me just why Wriggle was so upset that we exterminated them all. Isn't that what we're suppose to do to bugs? Her complaints were getting a bit annoying, so we had to have Yuka show her how to properly respect her social superiors.

Miss Yuka looked like she had fun! I wanted to join in too! Why didn't you let me, sis?

You'll understand when you're older, dear.

Uuuuu! You always say that!

We really should be moving on with the story, Flan. Look! There's someone for you to play with!

Yay! She brought more dolls for me to play with! Hey, sis, won't you play with us too?

Of course, Flan dear. She deserves to be richly rewarded for the way she's been arrogantly acting. We'll show her the fruits of such libel.

But sis, it'd be boring to just show a few pictures of her attacking us! That's no fun at all!

Hmm, you're absolutely right. Perhaps there's a more interesting way to do this.

~ The Scarlet Sisters