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    Default Re: Iron Heart Surge fix (is it Monday already?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Emmerask
    Hm a bit underpowered in my opinion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Godskook View Post
    Making it a free action that cost you your next standard action would help with some things, and better hold true to the original, in terms of intended balance.
    So perhaps to satisfy both of these suggestions, the wording would be changed to:

    Iron Heart Surge
    Iron Heart
    Level: Warblade 3
    Initiation Action: 1 Immediate Action, See text
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: See text

    Upon failing a save, you may ignore the dice roll and treat it as a success. In doing so, you lose one standard action on your next turn, however you also surge with confidence and vengeance against your enemies, gaining a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls for the next two turns.


    By that wording, you may not make an attack on your next turn, though you may make attacks of opportunity with a +2 morale bonus, and you still have that +2 attack bonus on the turn after that.

    EDIT: Changed my wording a little more, to not negate haste. Yeah, I didn't think of that.
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