Like many other Touhou fans, I've been rather distracted by the new releases at Reitaisai this past weekend, so I apologize for a somewhat late update. Floor 6 is kind of short anyway.

Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 8 one really cares about me, do they? I'm just some wall for people to stand behind and take punishment, right? I'm not even a masochist, like a certain Celestial, yet they still make me do this. I've done so much for my mistress already, even to the point of fighting a giant catfish! Yet why do they still not acknowledge me?

My name is Hong Meiling. That's H-O-N-G M-E-I-L-I-N-G.

But everyone here doesn't seem to notice that. They make me do all the menial tasks, too. Just look at this! They give me the most boring floor to write about!

No interesting puzzles, no remarkable foes, and just a re-hash of a previous boss. I suppose I do appreciate not being placed in any dangerous situations thus far today, but it feels like no matter what I still get the short end of the stick.

I suppose something interesting did happen here, though. We ran into, um...uh...sorry, what was her name again? Oh yes, Iku Nagae. Sorry, I wasn't around during the Scarlet Weather incident for some reason.

The Messenger of the Dragon Palace, as she is called, came to warn us that the wayward Celestial, Tenshi Hinanai (that was her name, right?) had wandered into the strange space for some reason. Knowing her, Iku suspected some sort of mischief, and cautioned us to be on the look-out for her antics.

Other than that, we had to defeat the guardian of the Anemone Sigil, the second sigil on Floor 5 that blocked the path to the other half of Floor 6. Here I was expecting some sort of super-exciting (but hopefully not too dangerous) enemy, but all I get is this:

The same boss again? Sure it has a few flunkies now, but that doesn't change much. It does not seem to have grown much stronger, although it still used that irritating magic drain spell.

And...that's pretty much it. The unlocked Anemone Sigil lead to a straightforward segment of Floor 6 with no events at all between us and the stairs to the next floor. Eh...this just seems so boring. Why do I get stuck with the worst floor?


Reimu tells me she found something interesting, let me go see!

Uh...are you guys sure this is all right? I mean, didn't we learn our lesson about these things back on Floor 1?

Come on! Lady Patchouli, surely you of all people know not to be tampering with things like this?

Why won't anyone listen to me? I'm the one who always has to suffer every time we do this!

~ Hong "Not China" Meiling

No notes, because this really is the most boring floor yet.