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    Default Re: Iron Heart Surge fix (is it Monday already?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Godskook View Post
    I suggest you spend more time on these boards, if you want to know that. We get a "IHS is borken" thread or tangent about once every other week or so. A sane DM can adjudicate it alright since RAI aren't that bad, but to argue that's enough to make it non-broken is an Oberroni Fallacy.
    Conditions whose IHSability reasonable DMs disagree on (judging by discussion in a previous thread):
    • domination
    • fascination
    • ability damage/drain/penalties (but not burn)
    • poison (having it in your veins such that you will need a second save in the near future)
    • paralysis
    • entangled
    • checked
    • petrified
    • ambush feats
    • balefull polymorph
    • disease
    • effects of ambush feats

    It has also been pointed out that IHS completely ignores how powerful the inflicter of the condition is. Shouldn't a 20th level wizard be able to bespell a 5th level warblade and make it stick?
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