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It has also been pointed out that IHS completely ignores how powerful the inflicter of the condition is. Shouldn't a 20th level wizard be able to bespell a 5th level warblade and make it stick?
A 20th level wizard has both a swift and standard spell to do this in. A 5th level warblade loses his standard action to negate one of them, assuming, between two spells, he even gets to his turn. A 20th level wizard's spells have huge DCs on them, and the warblade has pathetic saves. Sure, he *might* have a Diamond Mind save-replace, but that'll cost him dearly, since that means he has pre-spent his dangerous actions on saving himself for his turn, and he won't have Iron Heart Surge on his next turn to save him from the returning death.

Or the wizard can just cloudkill him. Most probably the DC is to avoid dying would be so high that a natural 20 would be required.

A L20 wizard's reaction to a 5th level warblade is not "Holy @#$%, my magic isn't working.", but rather "Interesting....I wonder what happens when I throw another spell at him."