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Because "they laugh, laugh like the jackal.". It was part of the famous aformentioned broacast

And it look like uncle Martyn is tad annoyed (or at least I assume he is, becaue getting the drop of someone like that doesn't look lke the action of someone who' in for a casual visit)

Also I liked the last comic, it gaves a bit of much needed background on the situation.
You're right about the quote, wrong about the character.
Check the Character's spoiler. Martin's hair is a different color (going prematurely gray, Years of stress, PTSD, Drug use, bad sleep, and enough mental conditions to give a psychiatrist a heart attack will do that to you), his eyes are sunken (Lack of sleep), and he has DMW (Dead Man Walking, Deathwishers were encouraged to make a joke out of Death, to think of themselves as Dead already so they would go unafraid into battle). This guy has none of those things.
Also, some Art that will make sense as the chapter proceeds: