I like the first two on both chains.

The capstones don't really seem...right somehow. I'd think those were great if you got them around 8th to 9th character level but there?

I'm going to suggest that Beliel gets a day of charm for one and a day of Dominate for 3-5. I'd also suggest changing the tokens to "Dominance". As it is, it's just not nearly fast enough to enslave anyone or make a nice little cult of folks.

I'd also suggest that he be able to enact these powers over almost any distance as a Free action, though can't communicate without other abilities.

The Fierna one...If her every word was a Suggestion for a day, yeah, sure. Somehow that feels odd, though it would at least make her "don't kill me..." more effective.

I can't make any better suggestions at the moment. I'm currently stuck with a strange idea about channelling the powers of the dead to make a somewhat less than altruistic healing class...