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    And now for something that's a lot more fun that those last two floors.

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 10

    Hi there all! Suwako here, the adorable little goddess of the Moriya Shrine!

    Wait, what do you mean? Of course I'm all right. So my profile picture isn't exactly the most flattering thing in the world, what of it? Do I really look that concerned? Don't be silly.

    ...OK, so maybe there has been something on my mind. I've been working with these folks to help restore Gensokyo to its former state, but lately it's just been so stressful being with them. Well, maybe not all of them, but just one in particular: that idiot ice fairy, Cirno. I've seen the horrific work she's been doing this whole time, freezing my cute little frogs everywhere we go. The sight of it just drives me almost to tears. I don't know how much more of this I could take...

    Oh, but I'll endure! I'm a goddess, after all, and what goddess would let a lowly fairy bring her down? Not I, that's what! Now, onwards to today's journey!

    It pained me to see my dear little Sanae run off on her own ahead of us, so I persuaded the group to go on after her. Our pursuit lead us to an enormous forest of incredible darkness. I could scarcely see my own hand in front of my face here. What stood before me was the biggest dungeon floor yet, and here we were stuck with such limited sight. How irritating!

    Eh...this darkness does make one a bit uneasy, doesn't it? To make matters worse, the monsters here on this floor have gotten a lot more creepy and disturbing as well. Skeletal reapers, floating globs of blood, and eerie ghostly butterflies appeared before us, eagerly inviting us to our deaths.

    To say nothing of gluttonous zombies and grotesque creatures of bizarre anatomy! Please, let's get out of here soon!

    With all these hideous creatures prowling in the darkness, I was almost relieved to find us under assault by Nitori once again.

    Nitori claims she meant no harm, and was just getting carried away with her new invention. Of course I'd believe her! But she still escaped after tossing a flash grenade at us. If that kappa keeps this up, I don't know if the rest of my teammates would be so forgiving...

    Ah, that idiot fairy! I'm gonna- uh...deep breaths, yes. Forbearance, Suwako, forbearance. Moving on now...

    The dark forest held yet another peril. The calamitous spirits that Komachi had told us about were lurking in the shadows, seeking to drain us of our very lifeforce! Whaaaa!

    This was our first brush with instant death effects (OK, technically instant KO, given how no one ever seems to die in Gensokyo), but we managed to persevere against these foul beings.

    In the end, we triumphed! I'm sure Komachi would be very pleased with us if she were here.

    So today was another great success for our team! All that's left is to-

    What's that? Another frozen frog? I can't just...I mean...but...*sniff*

    No, it is most definitely not all right! Frogs are sacred creatures that must be treated with the utmost respect! As the Goddess of Moriya Shrine, I absolutely cannot tolerate such sacrilege! You impudent fairy! Your punishment shall be swift and merciless!

    Hey, wait! What are the rest of you guys doing? No, I will not calm down! For days, I have been patient towards this reprehensible fairy, but I shall be silent no longer! If you're going to stand between me and her, then you'd best be prepared for my divine fury! My justice shall not be denied!

    ~ Suwako Moriya
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