Ranseur of Belial: When a 10th level disciple of Belial succeeds on an Intimidate check, he can opt to forgo the usual effects in order to gain a ďdominanceĒ token to use against the target of the Intimidate check. Dominance tokens are tallied separately for each opponent intimidated by the disciple, and these tokens last for one hour. A disciple of Belial can spend at least one virility token to charm an opponent. The target must succeed on a Will save to resist (DC 10+disciple of Belialís class level+Cha modifier+2 per each token spent after the first) and the effect lasts for one hour. If he so wishes, the disciple can spend three at least three tokens to dominate the target instead, but extra tokens used to increase the DC of the save only count after the first three instead of the first one.

Flame of Fierna: When a disciple of Fierna succeeds on a saving throw to resist a fear effect or a level check to resist an Intimidate check, the disciple can still feign subservience to the caster/intimidator. With a successful Bluff or Diplomacy check (DC =targetís Sense Motive check or Will save, targetís choice), the disciple successfully convinces the target he is terrified of the target, and is now in the targetís power, though the opposite is true. The target is now dominated for one hour.
There's the newly changed ones, turned the Fierna one into dominate and lowered the token cost and added a dominate option to the Belial one.