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Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 11

Meiling here, reporting for duty!

And Sakuya, here to make sure China's doing her job.

You didn't need to come! I can handle this by myself!

Technically, it's my turn, I'm just letting you share in my privilege.


Let's just begin now, shall we?

Truly, Floor 9 has justified this dungeon as one fitting of the name "Labyrinth". While the floor is not very large, the halls are tight and densely packed, making this place a claustrophobic's worst nightmare.

It's so easy to get lost in here! Thank goodness we're keeping a map as we go.

You're one to talk! You can't go ten steps without making a wrong turn!

Eh...OK, I admit I'm not very good with directions...

This is why we don't let you lead! Just follow along and stick yourself in front if we ever run into a boss fight

You don't have to put it that way! I'm more than just a warm body for everyone else to hide behind!

Really? That's not what our past experiences suggest...

You could at least show some appreciation!

You're merely doing what is expected and required of you. Learn your place, China. What more praise are you asking for?


We're both part of a team, whether it's in this exploration team, or the Scarlet Devil Mansion's staff. That means obeying our orders and valuing the safety of others. We must each learn to be a team player. Take for example, Sanae Kotiya. She thought she'd be fine by herself, and look what happened to her!

At the request of the worrysome Suwako, we went back to check on how Sanae was doing. Of course, it's no surprise that she was about to be devoured by some ferocious monster! Honestly, how did that girl take my place during the UFO incident?

But it was a fearsome beast! It may have resembled the one from Floor 7, but this one was far stronger.

Of course you would know. Its fires proved far to strong for most of us to handle at all, so once again we had you fulfill your duty as our meat shield.

That was so mean of you guys, to leave me alone with that thing!

Naturally, we had no choice. You were able to just barely survive the blaze, so we had you stand alone to bait out the flames while we moved in to finish it off in between waves.

Well, I see what you're saying, but couldn't you have finished it off faster? I had to endure like 5 blasts before we managed to subdue it, and that really hurt! Just because I'm suppose to be protecting you guys doesn't mean I can't feel pain.

What would we do if the young mistress were to be wounded in your place? Be grateful that at least Reimu was willing to heal you this time.

Shouldn't I be expecting support like that in the first place?

Don't be ridiculous. We all know how lazy that girl is.

Well, at least it's nice to know that Sanae was safe in the end.

Speak for yourself. It'd have been nice to re-secure my spot for when the next major incident rolls around.

What do you mean by that?

Um, nothing. I was just thinking about how annoying it was for Aya to always complain about our fighting against Tengu. It's not my fault they seem so eager to sacrifice themselves to my knives.

I know! We were definitely acting only in self-defense.

I'd better confiscate those photos before she writes any more scandalous articles about us.

Right! We have enough struggles as it is

Speaking of struggles...


Remember how we had those skirmishes with Nitori earlier?

Yeah, those were annoying too. What about them?

Well, Lady Patchouli just negotiated a deal with her. It seems all she wanted to do was run field tests on some of the latest weapons she invented. She said something about a "PDLC99MW Megawatt Linear Gun" that she really wanted to test out, but was afraid it'd be too dangerous for most living targets.

Wait a're not saying-

Of course, Lady Patchouli was kind enough to mention that she knew of a stout youkai capable of withstanding the most brutal of assaults. Nitori was so happy to have a chance to test out her toys, she promised to stop interfering with our journey if we would oblige.

But wait! I haven't agreed to this at all!

It's for the good of our party. If you were to fall, Mistress Scarlet would have to take your place at the frontlines. Are you really willing to subject your mistress to such a fate?

Ugh, it's so unfair when you make that argument...

Fulfill your duty to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, China. Don't worry, we'll be behind you this time. promise? This better not be like what happened earlier.

I make no promises. If I must evacuate the Scarlet sisters or Lady Patchouli, I will not hesitate to do so while you hold the line.

That's...not very reassuring.

You don't need assurance to do your job. You just need to stand strong and defend those behind you.

Fine...if it's for you guys, then I guess I have no choice.

~ Sakuya Izayoi

~ Hong Meiling

(I may be just a meat shield to them...but at least I am needed.)

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