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    You didn't ask, but I provided anyway.
    (This post will be important later on when I finally do Imperial Guard vehicle comparisons)

    Armour Value (AV) and You - You think you're so tough...
    First, let's make something clear, the 'Armour Penetration' roll, is basically a 'To Wound' roll. In which you have to breach a certain number to do any damage. To that end, we compile the following;

    To penetrate;
    Toughness 7 = Armour Value 10 (Autocannons need 4+ to Penetrate)
    T8 = AV11 (Missiles needs 4+)
    T9 = AV12 (Lascnnon needs 4+)
    T10 = AV13 (S10 needs 4+)
    AV14 is off the Toughness scale (= T'11'). You would think that makes AV14 awesome, right? Wrong (but, more on that later).

    However, AV is worse than Toughness because of the simple fact of Glancing Hits. Glancing Hits, are basically a -1 Modifier for whatever you would normally need To Wound. Which means that your vehicle effectively 'loses' a point of Toughness (Bringing AV14 down to T10 for the purposes of Glancing Hits).

    So, an Autocannon (S7), firing at something Toughness 7, and rolling a 3 To Wound, would fail. Not so vs. AV10. Basically, it means that things not normally able to 'wound' high Toughness creatures, can 'wound' vehicles of comparitive Toughness.

    Directional Facing - Don't look at me when I'm shooting at you...
    Depending on which way your vehicle faces, will determine how much damage they take. Imagine if your Space Marines only had Toughness 2 or 3 if they got shot at from behind? ...Yeah. Ri-G*d damn-diculous.

    Open your rulebook to Page 60. Look at the diagram. You'll notice that the angles to hit Side Armour are much larger than the front or rear. You'll also notice that Side Armour starts at the very front edge, not 1/3 down the tank. If you have 'closest LoS' to the side of the tank (no matter how far 'forwards' that side is), you hit the Side Armour.

    Given that Rear Armour is often hard to maneuver to (even for Fast units, but, some units can do it better than others), most hits your tank takes, will probably be against the Side Armour (if they're not, feel lucky), for this reason, Side Armour is often considered the most important 'face'.

    Front Armour is only really good for deployment. Once your opponent begins moving his units and getting angles on your vehicle, Front Armour ceases to matter. Just about everything has Rear Armour 10. It's rarely factored in. The only time Rear Armour 'counts' is when it's better than AV10.
    Which isn't often. Land Raiders, Monoliths, the 'heavier' Leman Russes and Soul Grinders (Walker) are the only things that don't have RA10.

    Now, turn back to Page 59. Notice that vehicles can only shoot in certain directions (and that Imperial Guard Sponsons get gypped {and Infantry have 360 line of Sight, always}). Also, given that Land Raiders have a Hull-mounted weapon, and Sponson weapons (that can't shoot backwards), a Land Raider has a massive weak point; It's rear. You can shoot it, but it can't shoot you.

    Now, given that you - quite often - need to turn your vehicle to shoot at a specified target, if only so you can give all your Sponsons LoS. This leaves your Side Armour exposed to one or more units, or - Emperor forbid - your Rear Armour.

    Some transport vehicles (most notably the IG Chimera), have one specified exit points. Meaning to get your unit 'closer' to the enemy (and stop the vehicle from blocking your own units' LoS when they get out), you're sometimes required to '180 spin' the vehicle around. Guess what this does? Yep. Puts your RA in full view of just about all enemies. Enjoy.

    The Damage Table - It is not your friend.
    First, vehicles don't get an Armour Save. Once the enemy has 'wounded' you, you go right on to taking wounds. A vehicle's 'Armour Save' is it's 'Toughness', it's AV. Since Heavy Bolters, Autocannons or Assault Cannons (AP4) can kill light tanks pretty easily, isn't it weird it has a tough time killing even regular Space Marines?

    Vehicle; Hit, Penetrate, Dead.
    Infantry; Hit, Wound, Save, Dead.
    Do you see the extra step it takes to kill Infantry? I do.

    Second; Let's get something clear; Glancing Hits are not bad. Sure, they're not the best things in the world. But, they're not terrible either.

    Unless the vehicle you're shooting at is a Transport Vehicle; 'Crew Shaken', is perfectly alright. Especially annoying (for you) if the vehicle that's shaken is an Ordnance tank.

    If you've got a Glancing Hit, then, 'Crew Stunned' is probably the best result you want. It's essentially 'the vehicle is Pinned'. And Pinning is awesome. Unfortunately, there are certain upgrades (i.e; Extra Armour) that make a vehicle turn Crew Stunned to Crew Shaken, or, even ignore it altogether. Fortunately, those upgrades are rare and pretty expensive.

    Weapon Destroyed is probably the worst result of the whole lot. Most vehicles have more than one weapon, and if the vehicle is a Transport, the unit inside is completely unaffected.
    Except Piranhas and non-upgraded Land Speeders. Weapon Destroyed will turn them into Bricks. Only capable of blocking LoS. Which may or may not get annoying pretty quickly. For both sides of the table.
    Sentinels, despite only having one weapon, are Walkers. And will be discussed later in a proper Imperial Guard post.

    Immobilised is not that good. The vehicle can still shoot at 100% normalcy. If it's in a good spot, with decent directional facing. Some players wont even notice. Unless there's a fast-closing Assault unit ready to tear it a new one.

    Destroyed. If Transport; The unit inside takes a Pinning test. Awesome.
    Explodes. If Transport; The unit inside takes hits. Then takes a Pinning test. Even better.

    Still, if you wound Infantry, they're still 100% effective.
    You wound a vehicle? It can at least not shoot in it's next turn. How great are vehicles?

    Vehicle Weaknesses - Chinks in the armour
    So, Poison and Rending attacks work wonders vs. Infantry. However, Poison is only available to very few armies in reliable numbers. And, Rending works just as well on vehicles. And, once again, vehicles don't get armour saves or invulnerable saves.
    And 'Pinning' a vehicle is exactly the same as Crew Stunned...Luckily, some vehicles can move Stunned to Shaken, or ignore it altogether. But, then again, some Infantry are Fearless.

    Autocannons break light vehicles. But, don't do a whole lot vs. Heavy Infantry. The same goes for Krak missiles. Both of these are fairly common sights on the battlefield.

    All hits made in Assault against vehicles (not Walkers) are resolved against the Rear Armour. How amazing is that? Not only that, but, a lot of the time, things Assaulting will automatically hit, or easily hit. Fast vehicles have an exception.

    The only way to stop this, is by moving your vehicle. Usually at the cost of firing weapons. Which is what you usually take vehicles for. Fast vehicles have an exception, where moving at Cruising Speed is rarely an issue when it comes to weapons (exception; Vendettas).

    For this reason; Fast vehicles are really good.

    Vehicles are rather large models (with one or two exceptions), trying to get them cover saves/obscured target can be done, but, it's a lot harder than getting Infantry into the same cover. Also, due to True Line of Sight rules, Skimmers on flying bases are really easy to see. Especially Imperial Guard Gunships.

    Melta weapons are about as common as dirt.
    If the army doesn't have Melta weapons, then they've got Lance weapons. Which are almost as bad.
    Whereas Melta and Lance weapons do precisely nothing vs. Infantry.

    AP1. Sure, it works against Infantry models (some might even have Invulnerable saves though). But, AP1 works even better vs. Vehicles. Most AP1 weapons are also either Ordnance or Melta weapons.

    Grenades. All Space Marines (i.e; 70+% of your opponents) now come with Krak Grenades as standard. And, all Assaults are resolved against Rear Armour. And, most vehicles will be getting hit on a 4+ or automatically. Fun times.
    Melta Bombs are also common.
    Haywire/EMP Grenades. That is all.

    Sure, Walkers are only affected by Grenades on a 6. Unless they've been Stunned or Immobilised (which is easy to do, and they also lose an attack).

    The Best Vehicles - Not all vehicles have The Badness
    In no particular order;
    Chaos Marine Vindicators (for Daemonic Possession)
    Dark Eldar Ravagers
    Eldar Wave Serpents
    Necron Monolith (the best vehicle in the entire game)
    Space Marine Land Raider Crusaders
    Space Marine Land Raider Redeemers
    Tau Hammerheads

    Imperial Guard;
    Leman Russ Battle Tanks
    Leman Russ Demolishers
    Bane Wolves

    Dark Eldar Raiders (due to the fact that they Force Multiply)

    Honourable Mentions go out to;
    Chaos Marine Defiler
    Chaos Daemon Soul Grinder (potentially the second-best 'vehicle' in the entire game, were it not for the fact that it comes out of the Chaos Daemon Codex)
    Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnoughts
    Black Templar Dreadnoughts
    Since these are Walkers, rather than Vehicles. And slightly easier to kill.

    ...Some of you might be having fits over why I didn't include a Leman Russ Executioner. Fine...Get out your regular Leman Russ Battle Tank, put Plasma Sponsons (I'd actually prefer Heavy Bolters, though) on it, and see which one you like better.
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