And now for something a bit different!

Expositional Interlude

Reimu: "Ah, Rinnosuke! Perfect timing."

Rinnosuke: "Oh, Reimu. What's going on?"

"There's something I want to ask. Have you heard anything about Eientei's weird actions rather than Yukari's?"

"Eientei...? No, I hadn't heard anything...Did something happen?"

Marisa: "Well, in that strange space, we found Ran instead of Yukari..."

"From what Ran told us, we can be fairly certain that Yukari herself is inside as well. But for some reason, the Eientei group attacked Ran, then kept on going and attacked us as well."

"Now that you say it, they mentioned something weird. About a sealed chamber."

"A sealed chamber...That's right, inside the space! Eirin sure thought it out...Now this can get ugly..."

"Eh, what, what? Rinnosuke, you know something?"

"Hey Kourin, don't just talk to yourself, talk to us too."

"Eh...Ah, ahh, sorry. I got lost in my train of thought. You see, the Eientei group caused an uproar before, no? The Eternal Night Incident. You talked to me about it. Isn't what they used something like a trick? Hiding the earth from the moon, like a sealed chamber."

"Ah, that's right, they said something similar at the time. We didn't listen though, we just wanted the full moon back."

"So if they use that Sealed Chamber Skill...then what?"

"Think about it. Using that trick inside that space, might send all of Gensokyo right into it. That strange space is the source of the incident, no one knows what it's really capable of doing either."

Patchouli: "I see, that's possible."

Remilia: "It'll be like locking up the keys of a car."

"Such a weird analogy...But yes, it's like that. Even now, that strange space is slowly but surely eating up Gensokyo. That's definitely bad."

"I get it. So we need to beat Eirin and the rest before they use their sealed chamber skill."

"Sorry for always pushing you to fight, Reimu."

"Tsk, don't mention it. This is what we do, after all."

"That's right! Those who can't do anything should just lock themselves up and hide. Anyway Marisa, let's go punish that huge nuisance of a group."

"No complaints here. Wahahaha."

(Reimu and company leave)

"Can't do anything, huh...Harsh as usual, Reimu...
I suppose I deserve to have been called that up to now...
But I've found my path. I'm not who I was before...
...With the ways I believe in, this incident...
I'll protect Gensokyo from it. Just watch, Reimu, Marisa..."

In other news, I'll be gone on a trip for the next few days, so don't expect another update until maybe Thursday or so. But we've finally gotten to the juicier parts of the game, so definitely expect me to continue this!