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    Update 30


    Has been requested to help a soulless dead necromancer inhabit a corpse. Ewww!


    Back from the dead and deadtimed at GLoG after accompanying Melody on a visit to the Glass Citadel. She still believes Reinholdt is irredeemable, but is not being all crazy and militant about it, and is standing back and letting Melody do what she chooses.


    One of the male captives in Kundalin Keep graduated to PC status after the use of a corruption amulet that converted him into an Illumination Demon with powers to control light and devour shadows. He decided that if he didn't leave Tia the succubus, he would become too helplessly addicted to her and never have free will again. He left the Keep with Slythynia, and they have joined the quest into the Dusklands.


    She did not try to prevent Oscar from leaving, wanting only what he wanted, but when he was later injured, she sensed it and was drawn to him to give him a healing kiss. After Oscar managed to break free from her, she didn't take long to find someone to console herself with. She seduced / was seduced by Jonan the dragon blooded Exalt and took a little nibble of his life force, making him the sixth male she's imprinted upon.

    [Sunny and Mainframebot]

    After Miss Kale flipped a switch causing all the Magtok's except the one with the soul to helplessly sing Freres Jacques, Sunny grew determined to stop her from mistreating robots. Well, half robots. Her attempt to telewarp to the MagCave caused her to appear outdoors, which triggered an immediate panic attack, but she is now in the cave and trying to track down Kale for a final confrontation.

    [Plot: Quest for the Ghost Touch Volleyball]

    Heather, the teenage athletic ghost at GLoG, let Reinholdt and Melody to the sports equipment shed, where they discovered a ghost touch air hockey table that also seems to be a ouija board. What could it mean? Is it eeeeevil?

    [Plot: Stalking Wenomir]

    A demon attacked Wenomir at the Taverna. Wenomir found a letter on the corpse in Infernal, the language of devils, naming him as a target to be taken alive if possible. Later someone slipped a sleeping potion into his drink at Trog's, and a woman named Rosa chatted him up.


    Is very cute, and asleep on my feet as I type. D'awwww... =3
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