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    1|+ 0|+0 |+2 | +2 |Nature Embodied, Tree Dependent, Nature's Attendant, Cha+1
    2|+ 1|+ 0|+3 | +3 |Wild Empathy, Nature's Guardian, Fey body, Cha+1
    3|+ 1|+ 1|+ 3| +3 |Nature's Advocate, Cha +1
    Skills:6+Int modifier per level, Class skills are Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Spot, Listen, Survival, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently.

    Proficiencies: Dryad are proefecient with club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear


    Nature Embodied: The dryad loses all other racial bonuses and gains fey traits (basically Low-light vision). She's an fey with base speed 30 feet. She also gains a bonus to natural armor equal to her Cha modifier.

    If she multiclasses for an arcane/divince class it can count it's dryad levels as levels of that class for purposes of CL and for the purposes of learning new spells and geting new spell slots. So for example, a dryad 3 who took 1 level of sorceror could choose to have CL 4, get 3 2nd level spell slots, 1 1st level spell slot, 1 2nd level spell known and 1 0th level spell known. She wouldn't get the spell knowns and spell slots of a sorceror 3 however. She would get the familiar ability, but dryad levels wouldn't count for it.

    If the multiclassed class is druid, or a cleric with the plant domain, the dryad can use Cha instead of Wis for casting.

    Tree Dependent: A dryad must stay always within 100 yards per HD of her chosen tree. Any who do become ill and die within 1d6 hours per HD. A dryad’s oak does not radiate magic. Dryad can choose a new tree by doing a 24 hour ritual.

    Nature's Attendant: Entangle, Tree Shape, Speak with Plants as SLAs 2/day for each HD it has. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha modifier.

    Fey body: DR/cold iron equal to half her HD.

    Wild Empathy: At level 2 Dryad gains Wild Empathy as druid, with +6 bonus on check. If you have Wild Empathy from some other source your Dryad levels stack with that class for Wild Empathy (you still get +6 bonus).

    Nature's Guardian: Deep Slumber, Tree Stride 1/day for each HD it has. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD +Cha modifier.

    Nature's Advocate: Charm Person, Charm animal and Suggestion 1/day for each HD it has.

    At 9 HD the dryad can use charm monster as a SLA for each 2HD she has.

    At 15HD the dryad can use mass charm monster as a SLA 1/day for each 4 HD she has.

    Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha modifier.

    Ability increase: Dryad gains Cha + 1 Cha at all levels.


    The dryad is a beatifull servant of nature with a powerfull connection to trees. Tree dependant is a powerfull disadvantage, but in return the dryad gets +3 Cha, several powerfull SLAs and can then multiclass as sorceror, cleric or druid with several goodies. Plus good skills never hurt.

    This one was initially done by Bodez, but I felt like it needed some serious tweaking thus made a new post.
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