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    There is a new structure adorning the cityscape of Inside. This is a misnomer, actually. More accurately, the new arrival to the cityscape, constructed under the deadtime ooze of construction-is-boring-to-play-out-itis, is a complex consisting of what appear to be 5 main structures.

    The more notable four are a group of futuristic, utopian-looking towers arranged in the shape of a Y, with the tower taking the position of the center joint being significantly taller than the outer three towers, by about 40% of the other towers' height. This is harder to make out than it seems, however, due to the odd nature of the fifth 'structure'.

    This one is actually surrounding the lower two-thirds of the outer three towers, with all four appearing to be coming out of it from the outside. It resembles an odd set of walls, following along the Y-arrangement of the towers. These 'walls' are in the shape of a highly irregular hexagon. The top side, with the two points of the top of the Y within, is fairly long, with two shorter segments heading downward at an obtuse angle from them. These are very short, and two more long wall segments soon move downward and inwards, speaking from a bird's-eye view, ending a bit after the edge of the bottom tower in the Y-arrangement. A final long segment links these two ends.

    However, the 'walls' are not merely walls, but actually enclose the area around the towers, with their own roof. The four towers seemingly erupt out of the top of this structure, while they do actually have the rest of them beneath it. The wall-like structure is built around the towers, linking to them at certain points. The structure is not merely that shape described previously with a flat roof, however-the walls reach to a certain point, then slant upwards and inwards, again from a bird's-eye view. The upward slant stops at the edges of the outer three towers, and from there now forms a flat area, this flatness marred only by the towers.

    There are three main entrances to the odd complex, each at the center and bottom of one of the longer wall segments. These are oversized sliding doors, essentially. Each is a long, dull metal slab in appearance. When the entrance is open, these are drawn upward into the wall-structure, and when closed, they drop back down like blast doors.

    The complex is guarded by normal military and ISF elements alike, landspeeders patrolling the ground outside with the silent gunships patrolling the skies above. The main soldiers guarding the area are ISF troopers, as they are more specialized for urban warfare. Several rapid-fire pulse laser turrets (laser chaingun turrets, essentially) are mounted on the slanted portions of the outer structure, with a single heavy turbolaser turret mounted at the upper central area of each slanted area of the longer sides.

    There are two enclosed bridge-like structures linking each of the three outer towers to the main building. The lower one is within the wall-esque structure, and the upper one is visible from the outside, linking the upper areas of the outer towers with the main, central one. To avoid confusion, there are two of these per outer tower, putting the total count at six.

    This is the [Acro-Imperial Government Complex], acting as a somewhat less military administration area compared to the main HQ or ISF HQ.
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