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    Glad to see that my Let's Play has been helpful to you! I'm trying to include a pseudo-walkthrough alongside the the fun narration, since this game doesn't have much documentation. The English wiki is still very much incomplete, while the Japanese wiki is fairly comprehensive but terribly translated if you don't understand moonrunes.

    A quick update for today:

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Gensokyo - Chapter 14

    It is my pleasure once again to present to you our latest escapades. After spending countless hours solving the fail-safe lock puzzle, we were at last able to breach Eientei's defenses and challenge them to a most spectacular battle. Danmaku flew from both sides in the most dazzling spectacle of light and color ever wrought. Flandre proved to everyone that Cirno makes for a very effective projectile, much to Suwako's delight. Of course, I showed Eirin just who was the superior being with my very own Master Spark.

    Much as I hate to admit it, that was all a lie. Our showdown with Eientei had to be postponed due to a most unfortunate distraction.

    The Dragon Palace's messenger, Iku Nagae, had warned us about this earlier, but we didn't really think much of it. Much to our chagrin, she showed up to mess with us at the worst possible moment.

    We implored her to stand aside and allow us to deal with the impending threat that Eientei posed, but she paid no heed to us. Frustrated with her boredom and upset that we left her out of our expedition, she desired to take her revenge by starting her own brand of mischief. She told us she had scattered ten magic space-distorting butterflies throughout the floors we've covered thus far in an effort to warp the strange space even more. With the clock still ticking on Eientei's activities, we had to prioritize and deal with Tenshi as fast as possible before we could continue onwards.

    Venturing back to each floor we've conquered thus far, we hunted for any new event icons that turned up on our maps. There was precious little time for us to waste on this spoiled brat of a Celestial.

    The butterflies themselves were not much of a threat to us. While they were stronger than the average foe, our party had no reason to hold back, and merely unleashed all of our strongest attacks immediately in an effort to finish the battle within the span of a single round. The butterflies could only get off one attack against us each time, and we incurred no casualties.

    Once we rounded up all ten butterflies, we returned to Tenshi. Naturally, she still refused to step aside.

    Not content with her fun thus far, Tenshi challenged us to one final duel. Eientei was just beyond the Fail-Safe Lock door, but I'm sure that could wait while we taught the wayward Celestial a lesson. I had heard her tolerance for pain was practically legendary, so I suppose this would be a good time to find out for myself. Surely no one would object to our punishing the little brat...

    ~ Yuka Kazami

    In other news, I think I have an idea for continuing this Let's Play beyond just the end of the normal story and into the Plus Disk post-game content. It'll be with a new premise and a brand new team, but that'll take a while to get to. Ah well...
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