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    Okay, I know that a few people wanted to wait on introducing this faction, at the least I felt like pitching a write-up.

    Also, just because they won't be involved right away doesn't mean there can't be forward agents.

    S.W.O.R.D.: Spiritual World Organization of Reintegration and Defense
    S.W.O.R.D. has been a driving force in the background of the "spiritual world" (that being, the general activity of spiritual activity, mostly in the mortal world). To the various Organizations of Soul Reapers (the Gotei 13, the ARC, the Fae(?)), they are little but shadows, attempting to recollect the lives of those affected negatively by massive spiritual events. In this way, they have evaded their judgment...

    ...However, underneath the facade of helpful synergy is that of a cold, ambitious organization whose goals reach to the literal heavens: They wish to make the Mortal World self-sufficient. To this end, they have performed assassinations, abductions, and to the knowledge of few, experiments that would make some of the 12th division cringe. While some agents try to take caution with Mortals, they share little such compassion with Soul Reapers, usually seeing them as obstacles; and obstacles are meant to be overcome.

    Possible Member Types (In order of likely majority)
    • Quincy
    • Plain-Jane Spiritually Aware Mortals
    • Living Vizards/Arrancar
    • Bount?
    • Unclassified (Mortal) Anomalies (Ex: Orihime Inoue)

    The ranking of S.W.O.R.D. is fairly simplistic, and in a way, mimics the order structure of the Espada/Numeros of Las Noches. The top 10 agents are highly classified, high-clearance individuals; they are given fake identities from time to time, to refresh their state of anonymity. From 11 on, the ranks stabilize, a number basically indicating the longevity of the agent's career in the organization.
    Unlike most other spiritual organizations, however, higher numbers aren't necessarily given by being the strongest; it takes a combination of skill, success in operations, and leadership ability.
    • Agent 00: The director of S.W.O.R.D. Identity unknown.
    • Agent 01: "Nero Abel."
    • Agents 02-15: "Empty"
    • Agent 16: ???
    • Agent 17-99: "Empty"

    The SWORD organization was established after the first and only Shinigami vs. Quincy war, by an unknown individual. At first, his/her goals seemed innocent enough; s/he gathered various beings of spiritual power, gathered support from several high-class nations (and probably no small amount of support from the Quincy families), and established an organization that would, as a start, make a way for families caught in the crossfire and affected by the aftermath of the war to live on, and cope. Over time, this concept evolved, and Agent 00 became more ambitious in his/her goals. Only the top agents (01-10) have had even a glimpse of the full operations Agent 00 has gone through to reach the goals of the Organization...

    As the identity of Agent 00 has always been a secret, it's anyone's guess whether it has always been the same person, or changes over time.

    [Basically, you have to join to know anything more than that. ]

    As a fair number of agents are normal Spiritually Aware Mortals, steps have been taken to create technology to essentially even them out with the rest of the "spiritual world".

    Tools: (For lack of a better name) These function by absorbing ambient Reishi much in a way a Quincy does for their arrows, to duplicate the effects of various basic abilities those with innate spiritual talent possess, such as Shinigami's Hoho (flash step, shunpo)

    Weapons: Weapons made by SWORD are created to combat the spiritual: In this manner, they absorb small bits of the targets reiatsu to reinforce the attack power of the weapon. The stronger an opponent, the stronger the attack power of the weapon, to a point.

    Dials: Spirit Dials are moderately small disks that absorb various kinds of energy, be it spiritual or not. Some dials can absorb the reiatsu of opponents, granting strength/speed/endurance boosts just as a Shinigami or other spiritual being would.

    Edit: Forgot something, the tech section. XD
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