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    HD: d12
    1|+ 1|+2|+0 | + 2|Draconic blood, Draconic body, Breath Weapon
    2|+ 2|+3|+0 | + 3| Draconic Heritage, +1 Str, +1 Cha

    Skills: 2 + Intelligence modifier per level, Class skills are Concentration, climb, jump, spot, listen, apraise, intimidate, Knowledge(any), spellcraft.

    Proefeciencies: His own natural weapons.


    Draconic blood:
    Unlike other monster classes, the Half Dragon doesn't lose his racial ability modifiers, but he does gain dragon traits. Darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision, plus immunity to sleep and paralysis effects, and one energy immunity of it's choice.

    Draconic body:
    The half-dragon's body presents several dragon features, like powerfull long teeths and claws and tick scales covering it's skin.

    The half-dragon gains two claw attacks dealing 1d4+Str damage each and a bite attack dealing 1d6+1/2 Str damage. Those are the values for a medium sized half-dragon, and should be adjusted to half-dragons of other size by the standard die size changes.

    In adition, the half-dragon gains a bonus to nat armor equal to it's Con modifier.

    Breath Weapon:
    Either a cone of 30 foot or a line of 60 foot dealing 1d6 damage/HD with DC ref of 10+1/2 HD+Con modifier for half every 1d4 turns. The damage type is the same as the player immunity. Cone increases by 5 foot and line by 10 foot with each extra HD the player takes from here.

    The energy and shape of the breath must be chosen at 1st level and then cannot be changed.

    Draconic heritage:
    The half-dragon keeps revealing draconic traits as it learns and grows.

    First, Half dragon levels stack with levels of any caster class the half-dragon takes for purposes of spells per day, caster level and spells known. So for example a half-dragon 2 who takes a level of sorceror would count as having 3 levels of sorceror(2+1) and gain the spell slots and spell knowns that a sorceror gains when leveling from level 2 to 3, but not the spell slots and spell knowns that a sorceror gets from level 1 to 2, He would get the familiar ability, but half-dragon levels wouldn't count for it.

    At 4HD the half dragon grows wings wich allow him to fly at double his land speed with average maneuverability

    Ability increase:the half dragon gains +1 cha and +1 Str at level 2.


    The half-dragon, being a template, allows you to keep your racial bonus.

    Besides that, you get a nice nat armor bonus, full BAB, minor ability bonus, two good saves, claws, bite, breath, it partialy counts for spellcasting and then you get wings at 4th level.

    If you want to play a normal character with a draconic "touch" on it, the half-dragon's for you.

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