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    Default Martyred Wardens

    Those who have died in service of their god do not always move on to their proper afterlife. There are those that choose to stay behind and delay their eternal reward to further serve their cause by defending hallowed ground. These Martyred Wardens may have taken oaths of non-violence but they can still protect their temples by healing their defenders and by barricading the passageways. They appears as robed and hooded men and women who have no discernable features. They give off a faint white glow.These ever-vigilant souls guard their chosen halls relentlessly.

    Martyred Warden
    HD 6d12 (39)
    Speed 30ft. (6 squares)
    Init: 4
    AC 14 (+4 deflection Bonus); touch 14; flat-footed 14
    BAB +3; Grp None
    Attack None
    Full-Attack None
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks Spell-Like Abilities, Cone of Paralysis, Devout Aura, Turn Undead.
    Special Qualities Blindsight (100ft), Immunity to Polymorph, Telepathy (100ft), Spell Resistance 10, True Seeing, Turn Immunity, Spectral Barrier, Incorporeal Traits, Deathless Traits
    Saves Fort:None Ref +2 Will +13
    Abilities Str None, Dex 10, Con None, Int 15, Wis 26, Cha 18
    Skills Spot 9, Listen 9, Intimidate 9, Sense Motive 9, Knowledge (religion) 9, Knowledge (the planes) 9
    Feats Improved Initiative, Alertness, Skill Focus (Spot)
    Environment Temples or other hallowed places sacred to Good.
    Organization Solitary, Pairs, Quartets (4), Choirs (5-10), Host (11-50)
    Challenge Rating 7?
    Treasure None
    Alignment Always Good
    Advancement While Wardens cannot advance after they have become Wardens, it is possible for them to have class levels before they died. Wardens with Class levels gain all class related bonuses but are still under oath to never directly harm a living being.

    Spell-Like Abilities:
    At will- Light, Aid, Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil
    6/day- Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection From Evil
    3/day- Daylight, Cure Serious Wounds
    1/day- Dispel Evil, Cure Critical Wounds
    Treat Caster Level as 6th. Uses Wisdom Modifier to cast. Save DC is 18 + spell level.

    Cone of Paralysis (Su):
    As a standard action, a Martyred Warden can create a 30ft cone of mind-numbing paralysis. The cone starts at any intersection adjacent to the Warden and extends in a direction of the Warden’s choice. Anything caught in the effect must make a Will save with a DC 17 to resist its effects. If the save is failed, the victim is paralysed for 2d4 rounds.

    Devout Aura (Su):
    If an Evil or Neutral attacker makes a melee attack against a Martyred Warden, the attacker receives backlash Good-aligned damage. The amount of damage varies. Neutral attackers receive d4+6 damage. Evil attackers receive varying damage depending on the power of their Aura of Evil (see Detect Evil)

    Faint: d6+10 damage
    Moderate: d6+15 damage
    Strong: d10+20 damage
    Overwhelming: d12+30 damage

    Turn Undead (Su):
    Wardens can turn undead as if they were a 6th level Cleric. Wardens cannot turn other Wardens.

    True Seeing (Su):
    Wardens continuously use True Seeing.

    Turn Immunity(Ex):
    Wardens cannot be turned, rebuked, commanded or destroyed by a clerics Turn/Rebuke ability.

    Spectral Barrier (Su):
    Warden’s are constantly generating a spectral barrier, a wall of light and energy. The spectral barrier is 60 square feet in size. It’s length and width can vary according to the whims of the controlling Warden but its area can never be bigger than 60 square feet. The Warden can move their spectral barrier at a movement rate of 15ft per turn. However, the Warden must always remain in 10ft distance of part of their spectral barrier. If the Warden is somehow forced to move more than 10ft from their spectral barrier, the barrier is destroyed.
    A spectral barrier is two inches thick with hardness 12 and 30 hit points per inch. Spectral Barrier cannot be affected by most spells. However, disintegrate immediately destroys it, as does a rod of cancellation, a sphere of annihilation or a Mordenkainen’s Disjunction spell. The Barrier blocks breath weapons, spells and spell-like abilities. Material, Ethereal or Incorporeal beings cannot pass through a spectral barrier.
    If a spectral barrier is destroyed, a new one forms next to the Warden in 1d4 rounds. If the Warden is destroyed, the spectral barrier fails as well.
    Multiple Wardens can merge their barriers together to form a single, stronger barrier. This multiplies the max area, the thickness and the hit points by the number of Wardens contributing to the spectral barrier. A ‘Group Barrier’ is still vulnerable to the spells mentioned above. When a ‘Group Barrier’ fails, all the Wardens involved must wait 1d6 rounds before forming another barrier, be it group or individual. If a Warden contributing to a ‘Group Barrier’ is somehow moved out of the 10ft range, the other Wardens maintaining the ‘Group Barrier’ must either move with it or allow the ‘Group Barrier’ to be destroyed.

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    I need your opinions on what Challenge Rating it should be, how it should advance, if anything should be changed etc. It's my first attempt at homebrewing so I could, frankly, use any advice I could get.
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