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    And now, allow me to present the climax that concludes the first half of this game's story:

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Gensokyo - Chapter 15

    I am Eirin Yagokoro, retainer and mentor to Princess Kaguya Houraisan. Today, we stand before a dreadful trial. Eientei currently faces its greatest crisis since the Eternal Night Incident, when the Lunar envoys threatened to take the princess back to the Lunar capital. We are so close to ensuring the princess's peace and safety, but I'm afraid we have run out of time despite the safeguards I had set up.

    I suppose it's incorrect for me to refer to us as Eientei, for right now, the House of Eternity is no more. A few days ago, an intruder entered Eientei and demanded information about the Sealed Chamber spell. Suspicious of his intent, we refused his request and attempted to repel him by force if necessary. However, the man retaliated with tremendous unexpected power. In the ensuing struggle, the mansion itself collapsed. Seeing that the princess was in grave danger, Reisen and I took her and quickly fled. With nowhere else to go, we turned to the strange space that had recently appeared in Gensokyo's sky.

    Our stay in the strange space is still a tenacious one. Fearing that the space was controlled by the decadent shrine maiden, we needed a plan to ensure our safety. It was then that I proposed to once again use the Sealed Chamber technique. By sealing away the strange space, we will remain safe from that hostile man and his allies. However, the spell's preparation takes precious time. Kaguya and I have been working fast to prepare the spell, but Reimu and her party have clearly shown that they oppose our endeavors.

    Reimu's party is now fast approaching. We are left with no other option. We must defeat Reimu to protect the princess. Reisen had already fought against them earlier, but she was no match for Reimu's team. But this time will be different. It must be, or all is lost.

    This time, all three of us will fight. I had wanted to keep Kaguya out of this, but the princess insisted that she aid us in our defense. Neither Reisen nor I shall ever surrender her to anyone, no matter what the cost. Together, we will make our last stand!

    ~ Eirin Yagokoro

    Note: Apparently, one month has passed since I started this Let's Play. Unfortunately, this means I can no longer change the thread title, so it's stuck with its current rather unflattering message. Oh well...
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