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    And of course, the post-battle exposition that accompanies the climax.

    Expositional Interlude

    Reisen: That's impossible...! We lost even together!?

    Kaguya: ...Well, I knew already, but you all are really strong.

    Eirin: Even so, I won't...I won't give up the princess!

    Marisa: Hey, I was wondering earlier, when did you all get the idea that we're aiming for Kaguya?

    Don't mess with us! If we're wrong, why did you all come to this place and try to attack us!?

    Reimu: To make this space vanish. If you used the sealed chamber skill to separate the two, we couldn't investigate this.

    You think such a lie would really fool us...

    Wait, Udonge...To make this space vanish? Reimu, isn't this space controlled by you in the first place?

    Why would you think that? The Hakurei Barrier again?

    Since it's an incident caused by the barrier, it'll be normal to suspect the barrier's guardian first.

    If Reimu really wanted to make this space vanish, then they would be in conflict with us, who want to use the sealed chamber skill.

    And if this isn't controlled by Reimu, then at worst, the strange space might never be able to be removed.

    Exactly. We're in a hurry, geez. Do you understand now?

    You all, why did you come here to use that skill anyway?

    Before I answer that...Your movements really weren't instigated by that man, right?

    Just who do you mean by "that man"?

    I mean...

    ...Could you perhaps, mean me?


    Rinnosuke: Hey there, Reimu, Marisa.

    Wha...R, Rinnosuke!?

    Remi: How did someone as weak as you manage to get all the way here?

    Everyone, be careful! It's him!

    This man was the perpetrator who attacked Eientei and made us flee here!

    Huh? You're lying, right?

    What a horrible joke...Right, Kourin?

    ..."Attack" is a bit much. When I visited Eientei to ask about the sealed chamber, who's the one who answered my inquiry with a spellcard in the first place? I wasn't used to my power. I was just surprised, and that suddenly happened. And I apologized already.

    What's going on? Rinnosuke, sorry, but could you explain more clearly?

    Well, it's as I said., Gensokyo needs the sealed chamber technique. Kaguya's group, with their mansion in pieces, fled here to use it. I hurried over here. I was given a lot of power. Over such a long period, of course I'd have to use some of my power. But within here, that difficult lock system blocked the way, so I wondered what I could do.

    Patchouli: I see. I don't know what this "power" you speak of is, but the lock puzzled you. So you used us for that.

    Pft, used? We're preventing the strange space's isolation. I just let you all do the things I couldn't do, no?

    That may be the case, but the way you talk is dangerous and annoying!

    It's impossible to please everyone while trying to save Gensokyo from a crisis.

    Save Gensokyo from a crisis? Don't you mean prolong it? What are you trying to do? Just what are you planning?

    To fulfill the big things, some small things must happen. You'll see that the end justifies my means.

    Sheesh, even if you're super smart and strong, lording this kind of talk over us from the start is annoying.

    It would be nice if you got your self-righteous justice out of your own head.

    ...Kourin, you had power that destroyed Eientei? You did say that, huh...

    It's hard to believe...

    But I had it all along. Anyway, that's all the mindless talk I have for you.

    Kaguya, that spellcard floating behind you...That wouldn't be the "Sealed Chamber Technique", would it?


    I would've thought such a skill would take considerably more effort to reproduce...Never would I have thought it would be so simple! Thanks! You've saved me time!

    I won't let you, not this time!

    Well, it seems like we should help Kaguya's group over you right now.

    Perhaps you need a lesson? I'll give you a good taste of my Royal Flare.

    I won't give it up...I won't give this skill up to someone like you!

    Your intentions do not matter, that thing is mine!



    Uuuugh...W, what was that power...!?

    Hahahahahaha! Reimu, Marisa, did you get a good look!? This is the amazing power that Gensokyo gave to me!

    Uuugh...! Gensokyo did!? You're pissing me off, saying whatever you like!

    And you suddenly getting so much power...!

    It's an honour to be praised by the main incident resolver. Now, this spellcard, the sealed chamber skill is mine!

    Why you...! What are you planning to do with that!?

    What I'm...planning? Did you really say that? The shikigami of the culprit said that to me!?

    Ugh...Lady Yukari would never...

    Reimu, you can go back. I will resolve this incident. And by using this skill, I will...!

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