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That would be a solid CR 7 or 8 creature except for its advanced sensory abilities (namely the largest radius blindsight i have ever seen and continuous true seeing, an ability only greater demons have) and its low hit points (but incorporeality helps too).
The true seeing and the blindsight is because one of it's functions is to spot attackers so more violent defenders can thump them. It's low HP is because it's a support creature primarily. But yeah, I can see how that imbalances the CR.
Have you considered making this creature a deathless instead of an undead?
That might be more suitable.

You are missing the difficulty class for your spell like abilities (10 + spell level + wisdom modifier in your case)
Also cone of paralysis dc is way off. Its 17 rather than 21. All supernatural abilities are based either on charisma or on constitution.
Thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix that.

You forgot to list the fortitude save of the creature
Actually, as an Undead, it has no Con and is therefore immune to anything requiring a Fort Save so I didn't think it was needed to write in. But I'll stick Fort+0 in anyway to be less confusing.

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Advancement: By character class
which could be cleric, bard or druid depends on gods or maybe paladin or ranger for more war or battle orintated gods so any kind of class..
I like that.

Spot is unnecessary because of blindsight.
It's still needed for anything more than 100ft away

Immunity to turn because they guard holy sites or temples.
CR should be 7 because of spell like abilities, abilities and special abilities(aura andparalysis,trueseeing)
Resurrection and true ~ no work on undead.
I like the no turning ability. I'll add that.